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The Influences of Violent Video Games

Although video games are designed to provide fun and entertainment, some people can be negatively affected by the violence or obscenity of some games. Most games are harmless for most people. Some people however are easily influenced by the games and allow the fantasy of the games to affect their reality. Some people are led to act out either violently or sexually because of the action in the video games. A second group is not influenced to act out, but simply becomes addicted to the games and can not separate themselves from them.

A third group consists of young children, who are not mature enough to understand the adult content of the games and are influenced negatively by it. Some people are prone to violence by nature. This may be why they are drawn to the violent video games initially. These people get so caught up in shooting and killing in the game that sometimes they are unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. There have been a number of stories in the news in recent years that blamed the violence of video games for someone murdering someone, robbing a bank, stealing cars or other violent crimes.

Most people do not go to this extreme, but even those who do not become criminal can become more aggressive, become more inclined to road rage, or argue more with others. Although the first group, who are actually prompted to act out are more of a minority many more people are affected by the violence and intense action of these games. Some people tend to become so involved in the action that reality becomes too boring for them. This leads to an obsession with the game.

This group loses touch with reality and gets so caught up in playing the game they can not function outside of it. They forget to go to work or school and do not remember obligations. In very extreme cases they even forget to take time out to eat or sleep. The need for the action becomes their whole lives. The third group negatively affected by the violent video games is made up of children who are much too young to be exposed to the violence and obscenity. Most violent and obscene games are labeled with parental warnings, but these are not strongly monitored.

Young children can easily get and play the violent games. Children as young as five or six years old are playing the games with adult content. They learn how to steal cars, shoot people and commit armed robbery among other things. The children usually are not able to go out and actually commit these crimes, but many become more aggressive with peers and act out at home. The incidents of video games turning into real world violence are rare enough it does not warrant taking them off the store shelves, but it is something people need to be aware of.

Most of the people who are grossly negatively affected by the violence and obscenity in these games have some degree of emotional problems or are easily influenced by others. The games just play on these problems and influence negative behavior. Parents should be aware of the ratings and warnings and know why they are in place. Parents need to know their children and their likely reactions to the kind of action in the games. Most well balanced stable adults are set in reality enough they can separate real life from a game. Unfortunately there will always be a few who are negatively affected.

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