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The Iron Chancellor

Who is Otto van Bismarck? What is his contribution In the unification of germany? How did he display realpolitik? Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815 , SchA nhausen, Altmark, Germany and studied law and agriculture. In 1847 he entered the Prussian Parlia ment as a true royalist who is totally against democracy. After performing minor diplomatic posts, he became in charge of his ancestral properties until he became the local parliamentary representative in Berlin, where he discovered his purpose. He was a loud and firm retrospect in times of the revolutions of 1848.

a character he has when he was appointed i n 1851 by Frederick William IV to become the Prussian representative to the Frankfurt Parliament of the German Association. In which Bismarck said that he described the Frankfurt diplomacy as “mutually distasteful”. (Lerman, 2004) Still Bismarck performed well until he was promoted to an ambassadorial position for Vienna in 1954. Then he became a foreign ambassador in Russia in 1859 and France (Paris: 1862). In 1862 Otto von Bismarck was appointed Prussian Prime Minister by Wilhelm I. Then Bismarck helped to reconstruct Germany under the rule of Prussia.

( Karl Loren 2001) But unable to get the military support he requested from the government still he worked of his alliances and armies. In 1864 the king of Denmark Christian IX a former duke of Holstein-Sonderburg wanted to “deGermanize” his lands led to war with Austria and other German states. After denmarks defeat Holstein-Sonderburg became a common territory for the Germans. But internal conflicts between the alliance are starting to boil and so the Austro- Prussian war began but Bismarck seeing his troops scattered he provoked France to bring his army under one banner then the Franco- Prussian War came to place (1 870).

This provocation of France demonstrates the use or realpolitik which disregards the laws of ethics for the sake of the nation. (John Charmley 1999) Bismarck knew that Germany needed some time to develop from within. H e saw the advantage of Germany being in a strategic position in Europe, caught between England Austria , Russia, and Franc e Germany needed to maintain equilibrium among st these nations. (Loren 2001) The structure of partnership he made with other nations is compared to as a chess game where in players are anticipating the next moves. Bismarck’s structure of alliances exhibits this strategy.

First, was the bond along with Germany and Austria and Hungary (1879). Then he instigated the collaboration of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia in 1881. He contracted the coalition of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy in 1882. By making these and other partnerships, Otto von Bismarck became the top statesman of Europe. When he left in 1890, (Loren 2001) Germany is still associated with Austria and Italy but a feeble r link with Russia than the one made in 1881. The people of Germany consider ed this a s time of calm.

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