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The Keys to Web Design

The internet is the information super highway and it seems like everyone is riding the information express. So much can be gained by having your own web site. People generate their own web site for personal reasons like sharing family photos, recipes, or for support groups. Entrepreneurs also have an advantage of using the internet to showcase their goods or services with the ability to reach world-wide consumers. There are important guidelines to consider when building a web site. The site should have a clear purpose; there should be ease of navigation, and attractive graphics to hold the viewer’s attention.

The web page should have a purpose and be coherent to the target audience. Before even beginning the site the web designer should think about what it is he or she wants to say. What audience is being targeted? According to DiNucci, Giudice & Lynne (1998), “[It is essential to have] an understanding of the audience you’re trying to reach and the message you want that audience to understand (41). ” The objective of the web site should be immediate and obvious to a new visitor. Another thing to aid cohesion is to have an organized list of links and topics.

Ease of navigation is another thing to keep in mind while creating a web page. If visitors click an inactive link on your site or if it takes too long to retrieve information the user will become frustrated and move on to the next site. This is why great site navigation can make or break a web page. The final consideration to have when designing a web site is to have attractive graphics. . If spectators of your site like the graphics then they will take the time to read the content and search further into the web site. The graphics should reflect the content being discussed.

When building a web site it is helpful to make sure the site has a distinct purpose and is coherent to the viewer. Ease of navigation will keep the viewer on the site, and attractive graphics will capture and please the viewer’s eyes. These are the most important considerations to keep in mind when designing a web site. With all of these considerations kept in mind many internet users and friends would enjoy viewing the page.

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