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The lucky country

Nowadays, many people look for a perfect place to stay in order to get away to their environment or find greater career opportunities. Different people from different parts of the world have different reasons why they stay in a place or choose to migrate. In this paper, we will discuss why some of them choose Australia and why some do not. This paper would encompass the positive things that Australia and those factors that contribute to the reasons why some do not want to stay in Australia. There are several positive things about Australia that we must take in consideration.

Australia is called “the lucky country” because of its natural environment. It is composed of wide open spaces that is conducive for different outdoor activities and sight seeing. The forest ecosystem is rich with unique flora and fauna species. They also have clean surroundings, including the streets. The air is clean and pollution is very rare. The government that they have is democratic, which gives its people the right to voice out their opinions and feel free to do whatever they want for as long as it does not harm anybody or any part of the environment. Moreover, it is a place where citizens and visitors are free from oppression.

People are not asked what to do and are not dictated to act as someone or somebody else. Freewill lives in this place, that is why many people choose to stay here. The schools are excellent and world-class, that is why many students choose to study there to have a better and secured future. If old people are worrying about arthritis or other bone-related diseases, they must not worry if they choose to live in Australia, because it has a temperate climate. There is also a comprehensive health care system (“Why Australia? ”). There are mainly five reasons to choose Australia among other places in the world.

They have a very strong economy that can sustain families who choose to live here. Since the year 1990, they noted to have 3. 3% annual real GDP growth. They have even beaten other countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom(“Why Australia? ”) Second, it is considered a livable city. This means that their quality of life is achievable by people who opt to live here. This encompasses the education that they offer. They have excellent educational facilities that enable students to learn efficiently and to use the knowledge that they acquire in career development.

Their transportation infrastructures are in good condition, therefore avoid accidents and unwanted road scenes. They also have unlimited leisure possibilities, for those who get easily bored at home (“Why Australia? ”). The form of government that they have is something that is stable. In fact, in the whole wide world, it ranked third behind Finland and Luxemburg as one of the most stable. Their legal framework is very efficient and its laws are considered to be the second best in the world (“Why Australia? ”) In telecommunications aspect, Australia still excels.

It is one of the biggest in Australia and the tenth in the world (“Why Australia? ”) They also provide skilled and competitive workers in the world, thus giving a high quality of workforce, such as IT professionals and engineers (“Why Australia? ”) We have already discussed the positive traits of Australia. In this next part, we will tackle why one must live in that place. As mentioned above, their forest ecosystem is very rich and diverse. This is probably the reason why Australia owns the most dangerous species of spiders. They have hairs that are very harmful to the lungs and skin of humans (Roval, p. 167).

Moreover, its geographical location states that the area of Australia is prone to natural disasters every year, such as floods, fires, drought and more. This explains why some people do not choose to stay here. They are afraid that one day, they will just wake up knowing that their houses are burning and their loved ones are dead, or just wake up being carried by floods (Roval, p. 180). The place is also populated that gives highlight to lack of proper housing to its residents. The housing is not affordable which makes it hard for poor people to avail one.

There are also some researches saying that the income tax policy of Australia is unfair. In fact, the tax governing body called Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) discovered that it is the most complex and the lowest in fairness of all. Some people really hate having increased taxes, much more complicated and unfair ones (Dowling). According to an article published in Freedom Rider column by Margaret Kimberley, Australia is a place almost near to the features of United States. Here, the forebears may kill and destroy anybody, and the people that are produced in history are not really good as they purport to be (Kimberley).

The government also favors the young ones when hiring. They opt to have young and fresh workers to make sure the jobs are well done and tasks are efficiently carried out. The properties also have high prices which make it difficult for investors to avail one (Roval, p. 182). People choosing a place to live or visit must first take in consideration the advantages and disadvantages of living in a particular place. They must asses the positive and negative things found in the place first, in order to come up with the right decision. Australia, in general, has more positive features than that which is negative.

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