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The manifest Destiny

Did the manifest Destiny help the Americans to fulfill their dreams of spreading its influence and occupying the whole of North America? The manifest destiny was a United States belief that it was destined to expand its territory from the Atlantic sea all the way to the Pacific Ocean. It was also used as a justification for territorial acquisition in other regions. The democrats who were its proponents held that territorial expansion was not only appropriate but also was of essence to them.

It was a term that was used in 1840s to justify the acquisition of what today could be regarded as the western world for example the Oregon, Texas and Mexico. Later at around 1890s, the republicans who theoretically used it to justify the expansion mission that United State was undertaking in North America. My focus on this essay is to extensively analyze the Manifest Destiny as from 1783 up to 1870. The period after the War of 1812 all the way to the American Civil War is referred to as the age of Manifest Destiny and it entailed U. S.

A extending its territory to the whole North American continent as a result of population increase and economic growth. It involved stretching its territory from the Pacific Ocean for it believed that it was destined to occupy the whole world. That is if it would successfully expand its territory in North America. This concept greatly influenced both the Americans and the government in believing that they would bring technological advancement and civilization to their land but contrary to their expectations, this did not happen. Diseases, wars and many deaths are what came out of it.

Americans used this concept to justify the cruelty and racism that was directed to the natives and mostly the Indians and Mexicans. (Greenberg, A. S. 2005) The 19th century witnessed the promulgation of the Manifest Destiny belief in the whole world. This was all about United States occupying the whole of North America region and the key figure behind this was John Quincy Adams who was very vibrant during the 1803 Louisiana Purchase as well as the Polk Administration of 1840s. The Louisiana Purchase was a deal that involved the purchase of about 828,000 sqm2 of land from the French authority.

This region encompassed fifteen states of the United States plus two of the Canadian provinces. Some of these states that are in this territory are Lowe, Oklahoma. New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas (Greenberg, A. S. 2005) Napoleon sold it because he was already promised of a war by Great Britain and he needed money to equip his army and prepare for this war. In 1818, through the influence of John Adams, there was signed a treaty that led to the established of a border between United States and Canada and the two nations mutually agreed to occupy Oregon under what could still be termed as part of the Manifest Destiny.

Adams also played a key role in the negotiations on the signing of the 1819th Transcontinental Treaty. Sometimes it is referred to as the Florida treaty. This was a treaty between Spain and the United States of America that brought to an end the dispute over a border in North America. It was signed after the tension over that border rose to levels of concern over the territorial claim rights. The treaty settled the Texas dispute over the Sabina River and it was also agreed that Florida would be given to the United States. (Fresonke, K.

2003) The treaty also allowed the United States to extend its U. S- Mexico border all the way to the Pacific Ocean. In the Monroe Doctrine of 2nd December 1823, USA came up with a document that proclaimed that United States was a free state and for that United Kingdom had no right to occupy any part of the North America. The USA in this document promised to stay neutral in all wars that would emerge in the Americans. In a bid to counter Great Britain’s move to increase its influence in North America, the U. S government allied itself with other states that were willing to join them.

The territories that were targeted were those that were inhabited by the American Indians and Mexicans. This belief played a very vital role as it helped them to improve the relationship between Britain and the United States of America. Immediately after the American Revolution was over, the US started showing its need to drive British occupants out of North America but after this failed to materialize, they accepted British’s occupation in the Northern border during the war of 1812though they still held some fears that Britain would be tempted to expand its territory in North America.

(Fresonke, K. 2003) During the American Revolution and the years of independence, the atmosphere was both cool and violent especially in efforts to make Canada part of United States. The revolutionaries wished that the French Canadians would merge with the thirteen American states to stage a revolution against the British rule. Canada was requested to send its representatives to the congress that was formed. Prior to this, it was already approved to participate according to the articles of the confederation.

The trials that were made by the Americans to drive out the British occupants from North America are some of the earliest indicator of the Manifest Destiny actions. Though Americans agreed that the British should occupy the parts of North America, there still existed what could be termed as Aglo phobia and many kept hoping that the rebellions of 1837 would help the Americans to get rid of the British Empire in North America and most particularly those on the border.

Due to the boundary dispute over Oregon, the Manifest Destiny was very useful as America and Britain under the Anglo-American treaty agreed to occupy Oregon country and Americans in thousands migrated to the territory that was designated to be for Americans. The Manifest Destiny was also used in 1836 when Texas became independent and later willingly joined U. S as one of its states. This fulfilled Jefferson’s dream of extending American influence to Texas. Many newly independent states agreed to join United States thus forming a formidable union.

The joining of Texas to the United States was not all welcomed as it practiced slavery that was about to divide them into two but the move strengthened the Americans. (Stephenson A. 1995) The process of manifest destiny had a number of effects for example; it increased the hatredness that existed between the Indians for the Americans were targeting to occupy their and to spread their influence. This land that was already occupied by Indians but the Americans had no regard for the Native Americans and as a result of this; many Indians were forced out to move out.

They moved in thousands to the West while others perished on the way. In short, the Manifest Destiny was nothing but an American desire to expand their territory and spread their influence to North America. They believed that it was their destiny to be in control this region. This is what could be referred to as continentalism. The Manifest Destiny led to the cooperation of some nations and a case in point is Britain which came to work hand in hand with the Americans. Through this principle, the United States was very successful in making other nations to join them either willingly or by force.

The Manifest Destiny led to the Purchase of Louisiana, occupation of Oregon, Polk Administration and the creation of the Canada U. S. border. These achievements led to the expansion of the American territory in the North

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