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The Mastery of Finance

I was always a person with great interest when it comes to studying Finance. My choice of choosing and specializing in finance originated from my passion for mathematics. I have decided to transfer and take finance as a major in University of San Diego because it is one of the most reputable Institutions in the USA. University of San Diego belongs to the top 50 business schools in the United States surpassing my standards when it comes to choosing a university.

I also like the fact that besides having a competitive atmosphere, it is located in a fitting and soothing environment near the beach and near the city buildings as well. It really serves as a motivation to see myself graduating in this university in the future, with flying colors because I certainly have the chance to be employed in a very decent and excellent job. University of San Diego is also known as a home to a number of most outstanding alumni and students in the country.

Ever since I started schooling, I was in for achieving greatness and personal development amidst a lot of adversaries. I have acquired so many things about management and organizational skills that would definitely be of great value in my journey towards this profession. Though I can’t brand myself as the best achiever and an elite student, I have come to realize and have a true understanding that patience and perseverance are the strong key points in attaining excellence.

That excellence is not just given lip service but climbing towards the ladder of success is seeking the best out of your abilities and uniqueness, facing failures along the way and regaining the strength to overcome these shortcomings. I believe that my sole purpose in life is to master everything in my life, especially now that I look at finance as a big challenge I have to face and conquer. And to be able to be enlisted in one of the finest schools means fully unleashing my potential and capabilities and by all of these, I can completely say that I can become one of the brilliant young adolescents of the generation today.

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