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The movie “Any Given Sunday”

For this assignment, I chose a clip from the movie “Any Given Sunday” staring Al Pacino. In the movie clip I chose, I picked the bit where in Al Pacino was giving an inspirational speech for his team during the half time of the most crucial game that their team will be facing in their whole lives. At this point, his team was at the verge of losing and he was explaining to his team how crucial every inch, every minute and every second that they will be playing for the next half of the game.

In the speech of Al Pachino to the team he was coaching he explained how mistakes in his life only made him value the slightest right thing he could do. That was why he stressed importance in every minute, every second and every inch that the team members will be facing in the game. His speech revolved around the values of team work, leadership and personal responsibility that could possibly bring his team to winning the game for the next half that they will be playing.

Al Pacino in his speech looked his team in the eye and admitted his faults as an individual but stressed that doing something about it makes all the difference in his own little way. He urged each member of the team to take responsibility into what they can contribute to complete the team effort and make them reach the yards they need to win by gaining one inch at a time through each person taking each inch that they need to take in order for the team to reach the miles that they need for victory.

Although his speech was centered on reaching victory, the tone and the way he was lecturing his players only posed a challenge to each of their personal capability not just to win but also to give their best and to put up a good fight where in the team can display who they are through team work and taking full responsibility for their actions and playing their significant roles in how the team can play together to reach the common goal that brings them in that field; winning.

In the clip I chose the values of leadership Al Pachino displayed was a key ingredient that the players needed for them to be able to patch up differences and to be able to play as a solid team again, valuing each step and each role one has to play in order to succeed in reaching the common goal that they were all playing for. In the clip I think Al Pachino succeeded on what he intended to do which was to inspire a team of different and diverse individuals into playing as one in order to rise from the depressive situation that they are facing and in dire need to rise from.

It was evident how the faces of his players lit up when he said that they can still win the bout by trying at every inch to reach the mile that they need in order to win. He was successful in making his players think that they can all contribute to that mile that he was talking about. I think he was more successful in doing that by showing his own vulnerabilities and disgrace to the team. He showed them that he too can feel despair and rise through it with them.

He emphasized that he cannot take the steps for the team so that everyone should be responsible for his own action. His only mission was to show each person how important those actions are and that each little step of each person is crucial into reaching their all around goal which is to win. Al Pacino’s speech was indeed inspirational that his players was lead to believe that there is still hope which the used to fuel their game for the next half and moved them to play their best which paid off when the won the championship title in the said movie.

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