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The movie Lord of the Rings

The movie Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the second installment in the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. Based on the riveting novel by J. R. Tolkien, the movie tries to capture the imagery and emotional turmoil of the story of the Hobbits and the Fellowship of the Ring. The movie is set in middle Earth where the war between good and evil is occurring in different kingdoms. The movie mirrors the evolutionary psychology of kinship and group membership wherein one’s position and rank is the mechanism with which adaptation and survival is made possible.

Gandalf, reborn as the White Wizard was in a quest to rescue his twin brother and in the process fight his evil stepbrother. The evolutionary perspective of kinship states that kinship is identified by the degree of closeness that one person has for the other; this would mean that Gandalf has marked his twin brother as a member of his kin, while the stepbrother was not marked since he is spatially removed form the kinship of Gandalf with his brother.

Gandalf was rescuing his twin brother since it is necessary for the survival of their race, while defeating the evil stepbrother was necessary to put an end to his evilness and darkness. Therefore, one could say that the rescue was a means of preserving the species as it is being threatened by the evil forces. In the evolution of social rank, the one who has more strength and authority held the topmost rank, those who were of lesser power and stature followed and the rest who were merely slaves occupied the last.

But for kinship, rank and status is based on the ordinal position, an elder brother has to protect and care for the younger one while the younger one has to respect and obey the older one. But since Gandalf was a twin, the rank between the twins are more diffused, wherein one could take over the position of the other, but since the other twin was reborn into a mightier wizard, then his rank would also be increased.

While the stepbrother could be thought of as one with higher rank, the fact that he is under the forces of evil, we all know that between evil and good, goodness always wins. Thus it is just expected that Gandalf and the other members of the Fellowship be able to defeat the evil wizard and his allies. The Fellowship of the Ring is composed of different creatures which all share the common goal of destroying The Ring and then fighting the evil forces.

Group membership was established through a tradition of social rank, the wizards provide the knowledge and wisdom, the warriors provide the physical prowess to go to battle, the Hobbits were tasked with the keeping of The Ring and brining it to its destruction, and the elves provided the healing and the support to the group. We could observe that each creature had a role to fulfill and these were ascribed roles, in evolution, our ancestors lived in caves and hunted for food and fought for their survival.

The Fellowship was not different, although they were fighting for something greater than just food and safety; however the goal is to survive and to continue the existence of the species. Group membership is related to kinship since the modern concept of group have now replaced kinship, this meant that in the past, everyone was related to someone, although the relationship may be distant, but one is marked as belonging to a certain family or is part of a greater kin.

The Fellowship promotes kinship, they know each other, they trust and keep secrets from others, they protect and help their fellow members and this is what family is, The Fellowship is a family in every sense of the word. Evolutionary psychology has its roots in Darwinian tradition, its main objective is to identify adaptations that human have developed over the years to continue the existence of the species. Kinship and group membership with the dynamics of rank and position have continued to provide the means with which the creatures of middle earth have survived the evil of The Ring and its master.

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