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The movie V for Vendetta

The movie V for Vendetta tells the story of Evey’s encounters with a masked radical named V. The film is set in a not-so-distant future wherein their country, Britain, is ruled by a dictator – the chancellor. Everyone who contests this man’s rule is “black-bagged” – a term to describe a person who suddenly disappears, and most likely die, through the work of the government. It is a film describing what can come out from a country which is afraid of its government and follows it blindly out of that fear.

Since the government runs the whole country very tightly, they are able to show V the way they want the people to know about him. They describe V as a terrorist out to raise chaos in their peaceful country. The government lets the people know what they want them to believe, that even when country is on the verge of instability, the government does not acknowledge it. But V is an enlightened man. He believes that ideals are bulletproof. He believes that the people can change the government more than they think they can.

He does not agree with the way that the government runs the lives of its people according to its own judgment. He believes that the government is abusive and its people do not deserve injustice. And he wants to change the way it all worked – or be a part of that change. He believes that once the truth about the government is revealed, his country and its people will be free. The fear of the government keeps its people from doing a lot of things. In Evey’s times, even the media is controlled and regulated by the government.

The news is fabricated to reflect a better image for the chancellor and his rule. The censorship is so rampant that even old movies have been confiscated from the public. V keeps all these items in his house and shows them to Evey, saying that one does not steal from the censor – one merely reclaims what is his to begin with. In the movie, the chancellor speaks of a major global power’s downfall. He says that that particular country met punishment because it turned away from God. This had brought it illnesses and violence. When a country sinks into chaos, who do you blame?

The movie maintains that you only have to look at yourself. Incidentally, V uses violence to jog his country’s memory – to remind his fellow men that they are responsible for what the country has become, and what it will become. The movie touches so many points in terms of change and the needs for it. It shows how a government can abuse its power once its people let it to. It shows how not caring can trap us into worse situations. It shows how one person can ignite the sleeping ideals of the people. And how ultimately, we can all control our country’s fate – our destiny.

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