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The political cartoon

The political cartoon shows a politician at the bottom of the page that looks a lot like “Uncle Sam”. He is saying the words “I bet everything on courage”. When he refers to courage, he is meaning the word courage on the bracket above him. This bracket resembles a bracket for the American NCAA basketball tournament that is currently underway and the title of the cartoon is “March Madness”. “March Madness is the term that is used to describe the feeling that surrounds the basketball tournament that begins in March of each year.

Instead of having the names of colleges on the brackets, however, there are two terms listed; “courage and fear”. When the “Uncle Sam” character says “I bet everything on courage”, he means that there is a game going on with courage versus fear and he wants courage to win. According to the bracket, courage and fear had to “play” other emotions before the game between courage and fear came to be. This is similar to a championship basketball game, where the best two teams come together to play.

In order for courage to make it, it had to defeat both stupidity and ignorance. In order for fear to make it, it had to beat out terror and hate. The way the bracket is set up and from what Uncle Sam is saying, this means that the game between fear and courage has not happened yet. From looking at the cartoon and seeing that Uncle Sam as a part of it, it shows that in America things are very competitive and many parts of society are looked upon as games.

But, Uncle Sam, who is the mascot of America, wants courage to win. Fear is such a strong emotion with the War on Terror and the collapsing economy, so it is an interesting cartoon, because many Americans may find that their fears may win out over their courage with the current crises that are going on. It is one of those types of things that the answer can only be found out with the passing of time or in this cartoon with the playing of a game.

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