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The process of multimedia web page design

In order to make a multimedia web page, it is essential to understand all the needs and goals of the desired project. The second issue is to understand the technology and techniques to be used in the development of such project. The most powerful aspect of today’s computing is combination of text, graphics, sounds and moving images. The aim of any web designer by is to hold the user’s attention by designing the best web page. It is based on the assumption that web designers have short time to grab the attention of users.

The aim of multimedia web page is same as any static page; which is to convey a message, but in the form of multimedia. Therefore it is essential to use images and animation or sound which are relevant to the message. It is also crucial not to use too long or heavy video file; which can put extra pressure on the bandwidth and machine. The better idea would be (in the case of video or sound file) to make such files compressed or make them downloadable; which would put less pressure on user’s machine. If the web page requires specific plug ins; the plug-ins should be placed on the website so that users can download it easily.

The better idea would be to avoid uncommon plug-ins or technologies by using the common technologies to make the web page workable for majority of the users. Web designer also have this pressure to deliver the best; which in multimedia means high quality files. Higher quality multimedia files require higher bandwidth; which must be avoided. The ideal way is to find a mean way or try to find a compromise between quality and the effort that a designer takes to construct a multimedia based web page.

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