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The United States of America

The border security of the United States of America is overseen by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP)which is a department that is under the Homeland Security Department. The Customs and Border Protection is the largest uniformed forces dedicated to providing homeland security by means in which it protects the country’s borders from being entered by people or goods that could jeopardize the security of the country and its citizens. This can be termed as illegal immigrants and the entry of weapons and drugs into the country (Andrea, 32).

The Customs and Border Protection department uses systematic strategies which compromises state of the art technology used for surveillance, communication and transport coupled by thousands of men and women under its payroll. This is concentrated at both the borders and all entry ports in the country. The United States is bordered in the North by Canada and in the South by Mexico. Both of these countries have various activities that can be termed as illegal border activities.

The department is mainly charged with the task of ensuring that illegal immigrants are curbed and repatriated back to their home countries, terrorists and terrorists’ materials such as explosives, weapons of mass destruction and their detonators are kept away from the country and drugs and other criminal equipments and substances are kept away from the country. It is also charged with the responsibility of preventing smuggled goods and agricultural pests from entering the country. It offers border protection through land, air and sea (Arthur, 26).

Canada – United States Border The Canada – United States border is the border between the United States and Canada. It is recognized as the longest border line in the world and is also unique in that it does not have military guards on it. The border between Canada and United States has its risks also. The Canadian government has vehemently complained of smuggling of goods, drugs and firearms into the country while the American government has complained about the importation of radioactive substances from Canada.

Things like fire arms, cigarettes, hard drugs have been smuggled into Canada from the United States while the United States have neither been spared by smugglers who use the border to smuggle in radioactive substances which has been banned in the country. It is commonly referred to as the world biggest undefended border because it is defended by law enforcement and not necessarily the military (Amy, 19). Mexico – United States Border This is the international border between the United States and Mexico.

This border is fairly protected in comparison to the Canada – United States border. There are army stationed in the border because this is the border with the most crossings in the world. Millions of people have crossed the border and this is both legally and illegally. This border is also used by Chicano crime lords to traffic hard drugs into the country and hence the increased protection noted on the boarder. The illegal immigration routes were concentrated on major cities on the border and this was countered by increased border protection agents in the towns like El Paso.

This necessitated the human traffickers to change to other routes where the immigrants had been subjected to severe and harsh living conditions and also exposed to many health hazards. The repercussion of this is that many people die when trying to illegally migrate through that border. Many deaths have been reported to the authorities whereas many of the deaths go unreported to the authorities. Most of the deaths occur on the Mexico sides while some have been reported on the United States side (Deborah, 62). Vulnerability of border security

The border security if not well taken into consideration can cause the United States a lot of damage. It is in this effort that the Customs and Border Protection uses all its resources in ensuring that the borders are protected from being entered and being used to import illegal materials and substances by people. It is also responsible for ensuring that illegal migrants are identified and the necessary action taking which include deportation and repatriation to the immigrants home countries (Arthur, 26). One vulnerability that can be faced by the country is that of terrorism.

The Customs and Border Protection main responsibility is to prevent the importation and smuggling of terrorists and terrorists’ materials into the country. In this era of terrorism, the United States is a likely target of various terrorists outfits in the world and hence immense and formidable force must be put in place to counter terrorists. The importation and smuggling of such things as explosives, weapons of mass destruction and their detonators is one of the ways in which the country can fall victim to terrorists.

Terrorism is responsible for the deaths and injuries of many people and also the cause of lots of destruction in the country. Unconfirmed reports have indicated that the 9/11 terrorists may have used the Canada – United States border to gain access to the country. This reports have however not been confirmed by the investigating authorities and agencies and to this day remain a hearsay (The 9/11 Commission Report, 86). Another vulnerability is the case of rising smuggling which in the long run deny the governments lot of revenue.

This is because the government cannot tax the goods being exported and hence lose a lot of revenue in the process. The Canada – United States border has seen the smuggling of cigarettes and other goods that can be used as an example of how governments lose a lot of revenue in the event that goods are smuggled. Smuggling also involves illegal goods. Still on the the same Canada – United State border, Canada has complained to the United States authorities on the grounds that hard drugs and firearms are being smuggled into the country from the United States.

Also the United States are also complaining to the Canadian authorities that radioactive substances are being smuggled into the United States from Canada. Smuggling may cost the government and may also pose the citizens with threats of crime, drug and substance abuse and healthy risks emanating from the usage of substandard or banned substances like drugs and chemicals. Illegal immigration is also another vulnerability that is posed when a poor border protection is employed by the government.

There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States and this has great disadvantages because the immigrants may pose a risk of insecurity especially when involved in such things as drug trafficking and crime. Of all the illegal immigrants, more than 55 per cent is accounted for by immigrants from Mexico. This is accounted for by unfenced border line in the rural mountains and desert between Arizona and Mexico. This adversely affects the economy and the employment trends of the United States (Arthur, 26).

Crime is another issue which needs to be looked at in relationship to border security and protection. Many people have been apprehended by the authorities trying to smuggle in various crime instruments. There are a lot of firearms that enter the country illegally from outside the country and this weapons are used in crime which poses a great deal of threat to the country’s citizens. Some of the people who illegally migrate to the country are criminals from other countries who come to the country to evade their country’s authorities from apprehending them.

This has resulted in the criminals and criminal gangs cropping out in the country at very alarming rates and hence endangering the country’s citizens (Andrea, 32). There is also another vulnerability which is brought about by the people having access to hard drugs which are brought in through various entry ports in the country. The accessibility to drugs is very harmful to a country especially when the young and energetic people who are most productive in an economy start engaging in drugs and substance abuse.

This means that the country’s economy is held at ransom by drugs and this can only be eradicated by enhancing proper border protection. Drugs are mainly smuggled into the country through the Mexico – United States border (U. S. Department of Homeland Security, 523). There is also the danger of people smuggling in agricultural pests in the country. This would mean that the country would need to be very carefully because agriculture is a very important sector in any country world wide.

If a particular pest or disease is illegally smuggled into the country, that would mean that the agricultural sector would be held at ransom and the country may have problems feeding its own citizens and would spend a lot of resources in fighting the pests and diseases and also in purchasing food from the international market (Amy, 19). Proposals for a more effective border security The government should enhance border security by improving and adding more infrastructure, technology and personnel in the Customs and Border Protection agency.

The government has not done enough because illegal immigrants, terrorists, drugs, smuggled goods and agricultural pests are finding their way into the country whereby the put the country into jeopardy in terms of economy and security. The government should invest in more equipments that are capable of detecting and helping in apprehending of perpetrators or would be perpetrators. The government should come up with policies of increasing the number of border patrol agents as well as other state of the art equipment that could be used in helping stopping illegal border activities.

There are also not enough agents in the country to cover the whole borders and entry ports of a country. The government in this respect should train more agents and hence ensure that all borders and entry ports are fully taken care off to bay off perpetrators (Juan, 29). In relationship to illegal immigrants, the government should come up with a policy where when the border protection unit apprehends an illegal immigrant it should employ the policy of catching and returning the immigrants to their respective countries.

Many illegal immigrants use a lot of government resources in cases where when the case is still going on, the immigrant is housed and fed by the government. The trial procedures are also time consuming and use a lot of government resources hence living the government incurring a lot of expenses in the trials. The government should also press recalcitrant countries to work hand in hand with it to repatriate the illegal immigrants back to their countries (Wayne, 26).

The government should also come up with policies that give the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security more power and legal effort to deal with crime gangs and keep gang members of international level out of the country. It has been noted that crime gangs pose a serious threat to the country’s citizens and most of their members are from abroad. These gangs are responsible for the thriving drugs market in the country and also the organized crime that is very rampant in some cities in the country.

Most of these gangs have been noted to come from China, Italy, Russia and a number of Latin American Countries (Arthur, 26). The government should also come up with policies and mechanisms of ensuring that all entrants into the country are well documented and that they have the right visas and passports from their country of origin. This will ensure that all people entering the United States will also be monitored to see if they are involved in any criminal activities and also to see if they overstay in the country because this is one of the root causes of illegal immigrants.

The mechanism will also be responsible for the quick apprehension of people who are violating the Customs and Border Protection laws and hence easing the long process of searching and arresting the offenders(Claire, 56). The government should also come up with policies that require all employers to verify and ascertain that all of their employees are legal and also come up with mechanisms of ensuring that all employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants are apprehended and prosecuted.

In this respect the government is at task of ensuring that all employers are fully educated on the dangers of employing illegal immigrants and hence they should be fully aware when an illegal immigrant seeks employment with them. In such a case it is the responsibility of the employer to notify the agency responsible and shall fully cooperate with the agency during the investigation. It is also in this effect that the government should reduce the number of documents that the employees should submit to a prospective employer.

This is meant to ease an employers ability to recognize an illegal immigrant and report to the authorities. The government should also come up with new methods of improving the existing immigration procedures because the current one is taking a lot of time and this is endangering the national security of the country. They should incorporate such agencies as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service in the immigration procedures so that unwanted people can easily be denied entrance into the country (Amy, 19).

Benefits of border security An effective border security ensures that the country is safe from such world vices as terrorism, agricultural pests, drugs trafficking, firearms trafficking and human trafficking. The country is more safer when the border protection agency is very effective and hence many countries have been forced to invest in border security because the dangers that are involved are far more grievous than the costs incurred (Andrea, 32). A border security will also inform the relevant authorities if something is imported into the country and it is a risk to the national security.

For example if terrorism materials are imported and the border protection agency nabs it, then it will inform the FBI who are responsible for investigating for what purpose it was meant for and who are behind it. Likewise in human beings, if the border protection agency nabs a known criminal or terrorists who had used fake documents, then they will notify the various authorities who are supposed to investigate the persons business in the country and who are responsible for giving the person fake documents (Chris, 29). Costs of border security

It has proved to be very expensive for some countries and governments had to invest in it and neglect other basic economic needs. Although in the overall border security is advantageous, some government have used resources for border security too far neglecting some more urgent and necessary government business. In this era of terrorism governments especially Western Governments like United States and Britain are using excessive equipments in border security rather than other businesses which are more urgent and important. It has also been blamed for the degradation of the privacy rights all over the world.

Monitoring of people in countries because they are suspected of being criminals or terrorists have led to people loosing their privacy and being subjected to monitoring even in personal and private matters. It has also been blamed for victimization of people especially the Arabs and Latinos who live in the United States because they are looked as if they are illegal immigrants who are up to something that could jeopardize the security of the United States citizens either through drug trafficking or terrorism (Arthur, 26). Changes brought about by border security

There has been improved security in the country and hence we can say that border security and protection is very beneficial to any country and has proved to be very successful in the United States with the Customs and Border Protection agency denying access to the country thousands of people who they had evidence of being involved in serious crimes such as terrorisms or organized crime. This has improved the security of both the country and the citizens of the United States of America. The country as a whole and the citizens have benefited because they can be assured that their security is well taken care of.

The issue of illegal immigrants is the only one that is still a big challenge but with the increase in the technology and people involved, the CBP agency will also put this under control in the near future (Amy, 19). Conclusion A country like the United States of America is in constant threat of illegal border activities like smuggling, illegal immigration, terrorist activities among other vises. A well organized and a highly effective border protection agency is more capable of addressing the country’s and its citizens security needs. So it is this papers conclusion that border protection is good for any given country.

For effective border protection in the United States the paper has highlighted a few proposals which would ease the success of the Customs and Border Protection agency. It has been noted that for increased efficiency, the government should also incorporate other agencies and also come up with policies which would help the Customs and Border Protection agents in quickly and efficiently apprehending offenders (Andrea, 32). However, the paper also highlights some concern for border protection because some governments are taking this too far and investing a lot of resources in it.

They have to neglect other things because they need to have the latest state of the art technology in border protection. It has also been noted that it is compromising the privacy of individuals especially those who belong to races that are anti-western especially the Arabs. It should not be taken to such heights as this will only worsen the situation.

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