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The University Executive MBA program

The cost of living nowadays is high and stability financially is difficult to attain. As a student and a fulltime working wife and mother, it is natural in me to hope and do everything for the sake of my own family. Although I struggled finishing my undergraduate degree, that it took me almost years, I never lose hope and I never resigned to the thought of defeat and giving up. Saying this, I would like to assure you that I will not stop and I will finish my graduate degree if I am accepted. Pursuing my graduate studies will benefit my family at large for my success is their success too.

The University Executive MBA program is a great avenue for me to alleviate my knowledge in corporate and human resource management. Gaining and attaining growth with such knowledge will help me know how to improve my performances as an employee. This will also pave the way for me to have wider network of people who are committed to the body of knowledge to which I can discuss my learned and newly discovered ideas. If given the chance, this opportunity of studying MBA will broaden my knowledge on the main issues in the field of resource management.

There will be a lot of other things that this opportunity will contribute to the future success of my career through the future talks and seminars that will be imparted of several experts in different industries. I’ve worked as Human Resources Recruiter for more than seven years. And right now, I would like to expand knowledge in the field of human resources and organizational management. Also, I would like to understand deeply the things about employment relations, benefits and compensations.

I’ve also worked using my leadership strengths for almost five years now. I can see that this graduate degree will sharpen my leadership skills, and this will consequently direct me to the way of attaining financial freedom for my self and my family. I chose this university because this is also the university where I took and finished my undergraduate degree. The program Business with emphasis in Human Resources examines the traditional functions such as recruitment and retention, development, compensation and benefits.

Also, other emerging disciplines, such as human resources information system, leadership theory, workforce diversity and the impact of globalization are also included in the program. This program will help me better my judgment on how to handle the selection of the top performers among employees if in the future I will be handling high important positions in this line of work. This will teach me, through thorough research and class discussions the direct link of an expert in human resource to the profitability of any company or project.

This will enlighten me in every single way and give me the concrete and well rooted explanations of the things that I’ve learned in my past to the present work. Also, in this program, I will also be fed with several insights and lessons on how to direct and develop careers for top performers; I may also develop that kind of career path for my self. Knowing that every thing will benefit my family, I again assure you that I will do my best to finish this graduate program. I will not let anything come stop me moving closer to my goals in life.

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