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The US Forest Service

The major contributions of the US Forest Service in fire prevention, enforcement and fire education research. How can this research be utilized by state and local fire agencies? Generally, the United States Forest Service largely contributes to fire prevention, enforcement, and fire education research by creating extensive programs that aims to educate people on fire suppression, fire prevention and fire use. One of the main focuses of the institution is to study the wildland fires and how it affects the public in general.

It also conducts studies on ecosystems and locations that surround areas which are prone to wildfire and pass on the data and information they have gathered to the people. In other words, the US Forest Service not only specializes in fire suppression, but also in making the public more aware of the various strategies, tools, and techniques regarding fire prevention in general. Furthermore, one of its most prominent contributions is its publication, Fire Management Today.

Basically, the publication serves as an avenue for information exchange regarding new ideas and techniques in fire management, fire prevention, and fire protection, in general (United States Forest Service, 2008). In addition, since the publication can be viewed online, it also reaches out to other countries across the globe. For example, in the publications most recent issue this year, Fire Management Today published an article titled, Organizing for Higher Reliability: Lessons Learned From Wildland Firefighters, in which it explained various techniques in organizing and managing fire protection agencies.

It also outlined experiences of firefighters and how they acted in different situations (United States Forest Service, 2008). In short, the various researches and studies conducted by the United States Forest Service can serve as a basis or a standard for other fire government agencies and institutions to follow. State and local agencies can utilize the information from these researches by adapting the new policies and techniques contained in them which were proven to be effective.


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