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The Wedding Feast at Cana

Veronese may have chosen this far off perspective because as the title suggests, it is about the wedding feast at Cana and not a particular person, so a broader look at things may be necessary. I also feel a little claustrophobic whenever I look at the painting because of all the people present in the painting. I think Veronese was trying to capture the activities of the feast rather than the miracle performed by Christ since there are other bigger figures than Jesus Himself.

Veronese may also be saying in his painting that even if Christ is a God, He does not have to be always the prominent image — except for maybe a couple of people, nobody looks directly at Jesus. The medium used for the 1563 made painting is oil on canvass. The dominant colors are of warm red shades (most of the garments) followed by cool blue hues (the sky and part of the garment). The dominant lines are vertical lines, thanks mostly to all the pillars and standing people around. The painting is obviously representational and it represents the wedding realistically — people and objects look real and they occupy space realistically.

I can’t help but notice Christ’s “inferior” presence. Although He is at the center of the painting, He is belittled by other people in the painting and all the activities happening.


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