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Theatre and Drama

If someone would ask me today what was the turning point in my life I will say “theatre! ” with much pride. Theater has not merely made me exist, it breathe me life, taught me passion, instilled my discipline — lessons that a mere resume cannot articulate. I have been cast as Charlie Brown in the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. ” This is story of an ordinary day of a pessimistic worrywart, Charlie Brown, whom anyone would easily judge as a quintessential loser yet never giving up on life despite the odds.

In this musical, I have learned to internalize a young character who has the musings, insecurities, hopes, dreams, of any ordinary person in society. I found myself living his life for a while among his quirky friends who appreciate him for who he is and whom he does in return. And long after the curtains had come down and I walked out of the stage door into the corporate world, I still carry his attitude of forging on despite bad weather days, of making something out of unpleasant situations, of accepting and respecting people’s unique traits. Good fortune must have smiled at me when I got the coveted part of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

This is a character whose time in jail has irreversibly changed his outlook in life until a bishop showed him kindness and made him an honest man (“Les Miserables”). In Valjean, I learned to see the good in people, to feel responsible for something precious such as a good reputation, blessings of hard work, your loved ones. I have known few characters who exemplify hard work and Jean Valjean is one of those. To me he is a symbol of hope and redemption despite all the injustice he has suffered. My organizational and management skills were put to test when I had the chance to direct the farcical play, Lend Me a Tenor by Ken Ludwig.

Here I learned that life has its own timings. It is daunting to direct such a hilarious play with all the constraints and the difficulty of the comedy genre itself. As the common saying goes, comedy is a serious business. But my desire to risk myself together with the cast and crew who trusted my judgment and guidance was something that emboldened me to mount it successfully. Theatre and drama undoubtedly colored my life and armed me with the tools to make it in my aspiration for hotel management someday. I believe I have the needed aptitude to be a good hotel manager.

I learned maturity and diligence while studying the nuances of a character and make it come alive fresh on stage night after night. Directing Lend Me a Tenor had an impact on me in terms of discipline and responsibility towards co-workers, time management, improvisation, budget constraints. A good leader must be able to inspire cooperation in a team. He must also be a good follower. My experience as an actor and a director taught me both.

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