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Tools of communication

Websites are important tools of communication in any organization or institution. They play an important role of presenting the features, services, products and a variety of other aspects of an organization to the public domain that are online. A website can be designed to present more than the company’s information and in order to also accommodate the views of customers and clients over a particular service or product. The revolution of technology has also resulted to the virtual market place and school.

Many organizations have adopted the marketing strategy of selling online and many clients also find it convenient to trade online since it is hustle free. This makes the world of technology very important to many organizations for the purpose of publicity and also some business operations. In the field of education websites are very important since they provide a wealth of information about institution and schools. Many parent look for schools online and also many students search for higher institutions of learning online.

This platform has made it favourable for parent s since they save the costs of calling and visiting the schools to make enquiries and also enable them to choose schools where they can afford their costs of learning. The online resource can also be revolutionized in learning like it has in the marketing sector where people purchase and sell products online; likewise it can also be used as a learning resource. Many higher institutions have established their websites as portals for accessing academic information and carrying out research.

Therefore it is evident that websites are very important technological innovations in the society and their proper use can affect many positive changes in the society. Role of websites in schools In order for websites to be effective it is vital that the organization identifies the purpose of the website to be developed. This aspect is very important in the development [process as the information to be contained is determined by the objective and aim it will fulfil for the organization.

A case in point is the website of Calgary Board of Education. The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) is the public school board in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In its nature the CBE operate many schools and it offers many services and course to different grades of students. It has both regular and special programs. The vastness in its services and programs would require extensive advertisement for them to be understood by the locals or residents of Calgary.

This can explain their development of the board’s website in 2005 in order to have a platform for them to inform people about their programs, costs, grades and other practices in the institution to the public. It also serves to inform the people about the public schools system and the services and different programs they offer (Calgary Board of Education). The transformation It is an effective means of communication about the functions and roles of the different departments of the Calgary Board of Education in their day-to-day operations.

It is also the bridge between the parents, community, students and educators. The website was also a source of interaction between the community and it was used to access materials for teaching to the educators and resources of learning to the students. However in a span of five years the website has been modified to include many more features. The website which began as a source of information and resource for an institutions’ board has now become a diary of several schools (Calgary Board of Education).

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