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Towards self improvement

The constant struggle towards self improvement and ensuring a safe environment to live in has always been the main catalyst towards ensuring health security and better lives in a particular community. Seeing this, the creation of vaccines is one instrument towards the achievement of such objectives. However, there are various criticisms and speculations concerning the practice of immunization that makes the issue divided among the public. In the article, it gives a brief description about the challenges and evolution of how the practice of immunization came about.

In a nutshell, it offered the pros and cons of how it affected various individuals in a particular community. Nowadays, as increasing technologies develop towards medicine; numerous alternatives have been given on the issue of how individuals vary in terms of immunity towards different kinds of disease and viruses. The historical basis of the act of vaccination was pointed out in the article. It sought to enlighten readers how such field has gave immediate solutions to impeding diseases and ailments.

Elaborating on the work of Edward Jenner in England in the 17th century, such practice became evident and visible until the recent times. Moreover, the initiative also catered not only for one particular disease but also to other ailments that are considered to be dangerous to ones personal health. Seeing this realization, the United States government recognized the need for ensuring that its children have the sufficient amount of vaccines within a particular population so as to create a better healthy and learning environment for students.

In addition, it was legitimized by passing various state laws to ensure that every child citizen of the country underwent vaccination prior to entry in school. This was showed by the data which showed more than 70% of students who first went to an educational institution had their various shots on several diseases and ailments. In addition, the data also featured how consistent American children have been towards its administration and pointing out little number who missed or did not have the sufficient amount of vaccines.

On the contrary, another argument that the article pointed out was the relevant decline of acceptance and trust towards the issue of vaccination among children. This debate has started out when researchers and scientists brought about reports that there is a link between the practices of immunization towards autism. The problem surrounding this claim has been that in the conception of an infant, he/she is prone towards various diseases due to the fact that his/her immune system is not yet adapted to the current environment.

This makes the child vulnerable to numerous diseases. To combat this notion, doctors often recommend shots to help introduce the body towards these viruses and bacteria so as their respective immune systems can reinforce it to combat diseases. However, there had been increasing reports mentioned in the article about complications among infants and children towards vaccines. To aggravate the issue even more, even the U. S. government made mention of a particular case wherein they admitted that the child who suffered autistic symptoms was caused by vaccination.

Due to this, the once standard and statewide procedure of vaccination was questioned by the public and brought about increased demand for greater responsibility and accountability towards practitioners and stricter legislation among politicians and state leaders. It was also mentioned in the article surrounding the stand of the government surrounding such medical and ethical issue. It stood by towards the pro vaccines and mentioned that the case surrounding the 9-year old who suffered from autistic symptoms was an exceptional case.

However, their decision to admit the fault provided the spark against detractors of the practice and promoted a revamp of the act. Their lobbying towards better facilitation, administration and reporting of various companies and practitioners has divided the public toward which to believe in. One important facet of the debate that detractors of the practice point out is the relative contribution of vaccination towards complication such as autism. The article mentions that during the time when increased dosages of vaccines were put into American society, there reported cases of autism of autism symptoms rose to nearly three times.

That is why, many detractors have established that the link to such increasing numbers have been due to vaccination. In addition, the various studies of scientists pointed out and established the link between vaccination and autism. For example, the article elaborated on the work of Dr. Wakefield in London wherein he and his colleagues recommended that indeed various vaccines do contribute to autism and other brain related malfunctions. Due to this, the speculation of Dr. Wakefield backed up by other studies divided various communities of the real effect of vaccines to children.

Seeing the relative challenges by detractors, the United States government employ various researchers to provide necessary studies to combat the rising claims that vaccines do cause autism and other brain related complications. The one example given by the article revolves around the study made by the U. S. Food and Drug Association. In the results, the research mentioned that there was no sufficient link or evidence to connote that vaccines do contribute towards increased cases of autism and mental dysfunctions among children. It also provided various reasons for the increased number of children suffering from autism in the United States.

Though the article mentioned that the country is divided towards the issue of vaccines, one important element remains to be the same; vaccines do contribute to the prevention of diseases. It has been proven by many children who were saved by the practice. However, practitioners and legislators must rethink about the way it is facilitated among children. It may be true that establishing the connection between vaccines and autism may deem to be true. But on the other hand, there must be increased responsibility of how it is facilitated and protected to protect the individual rights of both patients and administrators.

Seeing this, it means that further research and development concerning the issue must be made. It can be observed though, that this may serve as an impediment towards the field, however with the current technological innovations available and at the same time a realization of what things need to be addressed; better outcomes can be made possible. Only by doing this can vaccines prove its worthwhile purpose to children and for parents without the risks towards complications and problems that can arise in the process.

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