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What type of programs and policies would be developed and implemented according to the self-control theory? Ans. 1. Since Self-control theory suggests to find the root of melancholy at the early childhood library of perception, all policies and programs under its wings align to its basic concept of finding the genesis of the problem right from the early formative years of a person, while considering the quality of parental contribution in it.

Therefore the programs should be developed towards identifying the What and How of the problem and its solution, by using all the Who-s (parents, child) involved in creating and fostering that problem, besides deciphering the Why-s between the processes. It needs extensive pedagogical and empirical research to determine the appropriate program for an individual or a group, besides considering the nature of the problem.

While group-programs like “Gang Resistance Education And Training Program” (GREAT) has established its efficacy in preventing elementary and middle school youths from joining street gangs, the individualistic ‘Reinforcement programs have also proved to be beneficial for the affected child. GREAT program is a local-school based and law enforcement officer-instructed classroom curriculum, which gradually influences the elementary and middle school youths to refrain from joining street gangs and escape the clutch of low-self control.

In the reinforcement program, adults directly and vicariously teach self-control skills to their children at home or in other social situations, where they emulate the parents towards resisting the lure of the pleasurable acts. Software programs too have invaded in this field, which can be used both at individual and group level. These interactive programs are designed to create an inventory of the behavioral process of a person – which facilitates both pedagogical and empirical research. Do the violence on TV translates itself to real-life violence?

Ans. 2. Even as the money spinners of the idiot box still intends to laugh away to the banks with violent TV programs, the corollary to it is reflected across the globe in the shapes of countless evidences of child crime and objections from the political parties and the denizens of the society. While cinema produces a larger-than-life picture and somehow creates an aura of ‘unachievable’ status to the actions in it, the idiot box is far smaller in size and always carries an ‘achievable’ impression of the actions to the minds of the juveniles – which in turn prompts them to emulate such actions.

Thus there is this uncanny growth of real-life violence or death by adventure in the young world or the protests raised against it by the political parties in the ranks of liberal Democrats and conservative Christian groups. A report of youth violence appeared in Washington Today, observed that “exposure to violent media plays an important causal role in this societal problem” (Surgeon, 2001).

This is undeniable that the modern trend of parental pressure on the children to perform better has pushed these innocent minds to resort to the unreal world more than ever and digital media has been exploiting that scope by providing them various escape routes to unreality through their programs. While some of them are based on the realm of true fantasy, a good chunk of the rest is based on propagation of violence as the means of heroism!

The tragic event at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999, where two teens shoot down 12 classmates of theirs, corroborates the fact that those two teens were indeed influenced by the violence shown on television. Thus, violent television programs make way to the real-life through the emulating tendencies of the young mind.

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