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Twenty Years At Hull House

In the book “Twenty Years at Hull House“, by author Jane Addams, we read a story about the author’s upbringing and her caring nature, as she offered help to so many individuals, including literature and art for the less fortunate. Hull House, a dilapidated old mansion, is where Jane Addams and her college friends, moved into the slums of Chicago, as the author searched for her purpose in life.

The Hull House is the center of attention in book, as we learn about Jane Addams and what she witnessed during the years, 1889 through 1909, where she wrote down the things that tugged at her heart, as she formed a plan to make a difference in society. Jane Addams, along with other caring women, ran the Hull House as they devoted their time to living with the less fortunate where they could offer their help and guidance.. Jane Addams was an activist for courage and hope. It’s obvious that Jane Addams was a leader who could easily be called one of the very first social workers, in history.

We hear so many sad stories as we read this book, of heartbreaking tales about people who lived a life of true poverty. Jane Addams offered a huge helping hand and as she ran the Hull House, it was evident that she gained so much satisfaction from helping others after witnessing events during her childhood, like seeing people trying to sell rotten fruit in order to survive. Jane Addams offered support to deserted women, insurance for widows, damages for injured operators, crippled children, childcare for children, help for abused women, education and social help.

She was an amazing woman who didn’t focus on one aspect that affected the needy. She gave a helping hand to many different people who suffered because of poverty, abuse, neglect and lack of education. Jane Addams was a true heroine of her era, and made her mark in history. The Hull House was definitely, the first woman’s shelter for all women who needed and deserved her help that she freely offered.


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