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U.S. history & slavery

Nat Tuner was born on October 02, 1800, in Southampton in Virginia. He was the son of Benjamin Turner an agricultural estate proprietor. He grew up by way of his mother’s sight of slavery. He grew up with subterranean religious beliefs and buoyant by his parent’s. He believe that God choose him to guide his people out of slavery. He was sell to Joseph Travis in 1831. In that same year there’s an eclipse of the sun that influenced him that this is the mark that sent to him to begin the resurrection.

It wasn’t until 21st of August that Turner and other seven slaves with the intention to killed Travis and his family a way to start to his revolution. He hoped that the action he done would cause a huge slave rebellion but only 75 people joined his revolution. in excess of 3,000 member’s of the state armed force were sent to transact with Turner’s rebellion. and there routed more than one hundred blameless slaves where killed. He was thrashing and was captured six weeks later in that year. He was put to death on November 11 1831.

Nat Turner wanted to tell his people what the things had happened and caused him to say things which he heard from God he assures that he would be a clairvoyant which the Lord had given away him the things that happened before his birth. For him it is easy to assume that religion was the topic to be going to. He used slavery for other people, just to address what the Lord wanted to tell his people but some people thinks that slavery is a big crime, Yes, it is For my own point of view people can choose what they wanted to be and what they wanted to know or to learn and believe if for them that is right or wrong.

He had visions First vision in 1821 after he run away and hiding in the woods he had vision that he should turn to his master. After several days he returned. His Second Vision after seeing light in the sky, he prayed for a sign and answered his prayer by seeing the light. A drop of blood to the corn coming to the sky. He believed that the Lord will come back to earth for judgment. John Brown a guy of action a person with dream that would not be deter from his mission to abolish slavery. October 16,1859, he lead 21 men to assail the National Armory at Harpers Ferry, in Virginia, most of his man were killed.

He was intuitive into a family with subterranean spiritual thinking Led by his Father who was vehemently opposed to slavery. John Brown has sympathy with the black people although his spirit had been pierce with the flatten of slavery. He merge to the black society in North Elba, New York. For this people they see John Brown as the “Kind Father” He sought fund for armed forces which lead on 16th of October 1859 where 21 men * 5 black men and 16 white men* raided the central cache at Herpes Ferry. He was injured and easily captured and enthused to Charlestown in Virginia, he was tried and convict of disloyalty..

“(Bennett). They allowed John Brown to address the court he says that he believed we always freely admitted to what John Brown had done for him he’s going to surrender his life. Both of them have different opinion regarding slavery if it is right or wrong. The greatest impact for me is the method of John Brown being a nice man he assures to his peers the proper way of treating people, if you’re a black or white for him everyone deserves to treat equally.


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