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Understanding One’s Ancestral Past and Learning

One’s reflection of himself is a conscientious indication that he has really learned from his past. Understanding how his past particularly affects his present is a fine foundation for one to understand the possibilities that he may have in the future. This paper then shows how one particular individual learned from his past experiences and learning as a child towards his adulthood which particularly equipped him with the rightful identity and reputation that he is carrying in himself right now.

This procedure of personal development has been mainly dependent on the ways by which his parents and grandparents as well affected the personality that he has and the visions that he has towards life itself. From Present towards the Future At present, I am a student who is ready to see the real world ahead of him. Being a culturally different person, I am convinced that I have been able to deal with life as it is through the experiences and the challenges that I have particularly met with in my journey towards personal development.

The ways by which I have personally learned to deal with my own limitations and strengths had been the basis by which I realized how much my ancestral background primarily affected the individual being that I already am right now. Strengths My strengths particularly include analytical thinking. This means that seeing through things especially in dealing with serious problems would be of much competence on my part as a decision maker.

Based form the DISC behavioral assessment method, I also found out that my high standards in meeting several tasks in a perfectionist’s vision is also one of my characteristics that identifies my strengths as a person. Probably, this character that I have has been derived from my being strongly inclined to more serious issues that are currently affecting my life as an individual. Likely, this attitude towards challenges may have been brought about by the fact that I may have inherited the courageous stand as well as the intellectual decisions of my grandfather into direct application.

As my grandfather was part of the people who took great part during the WWII events as a frogman, I realized that the courage he had in facing the challenges that he has been confronted with inspired me so much in remaining truthful and strong with regards the ways by which I face the challenges in my life everyday. Weaknesses Among the weaknesses that I have to attend to is the low self-esteem that is developed in me every time I receive criticisms from other people.

Normally, I react to the said criticisms in a more negative manner that usually reflects in my facial expression moreover, I begin to think less of myself making me more vulnerable of feeling insecure about my own self. The Key Learning Agenda The key learning that I consider being a primary source of knowledge and development is listening to others and learning form their experiences as well. This especially involves the way that I listen to the lessons that my parents as well as grandparents relate to me with regards the ABC’s of life.

Through the said experiences of other people on different fields of interest would help the author understand other people’s views and thus create a comprehension on why they are the way they are, thus the author would be able to live peaceably with them in spite of the differences that they have from each other. The DISC behavioral assessment has also imparted a valuable lesson to me as the said activity opened the ways of improvements that need to be addressed in the process by which I handle personal development.

The advantage of understanding the liabilities and the capabilities of a person is one of the key factors that contribute to successful personal development missions. Through the said lessons, I believe that advancing my personality and understanding towards other’s views and personalities is now a possible matter for me to apply in my daily life. This, for me, is a vital foundation in becoming a fine leader. The Practice of a New Behavior Trying something new is not one of my key personalities.

I have never gone weak immediately in front of a challenge like my grandmother who was a nurse and never stopped going through all the hardships until she knows she is already able to reach the peak of her performance in her own profession. However, with ample guidance and motivation, I am able to comprehend and get along well with the needed changes. With the introduction of the new behavioral pattern that I particularly need to follow, certain changes could be expected to happen.

However, I would rather like to take things one at a time. Hence, practicing the new behavior would take a little longer than expected. Getting used with the changes could be expected to be not as easy as it may look like. However, through the utilization of determination and continuous efforts on my part, the application of the new behavioral pattern could be expected to become successful in time. Learning from Feedbacks As mentioned earlier, leaders must be ready to accept both negative and positive criticism.

As for me, I choose my family members to become directly involved in the process of my personality adjustments. It is from them that I expect criticism and suggestions to come from. I believe that the honesty of the people that I chose to work with in attaining my goals of personality improvement would help me gain the person I want to have for myself. Through them, I expect to become a better person not only for my own sake but also for those people who are directly affected by my acts and my decisions as an individual.

Yes, the criticisms that are to be receive from the said people would be viewed as an opportunity to prove myself to the society, a proof of my abilities in becoming a fine leader in making a great changes in the society for better and more peaceful living. THE Implications of Learning and The Past Everyone in the society today considers the fact that each individual has a past that leads towards the in depth realization of truth and thus applies to further personal growth in the future.

Through an observation, a person is honed to become who he is through the values that he particularly gets from his family, his spiritual background, his educational experiences and his social environment. In this case, I, as the author of this paper actually consider the said elements as primary sources of my personal development. Something that made Me the way I am is thus giving me the thought of following the dreams that I have set for myself. Moreover, the said developments assisted me in becoming a better individual who is now much capable of handling professional duties as well as personal development issues.

My current situation makes me much stronger as a person as I intend to face the different challenges offered to me by my own style of living. I foresee that my Christian background would give me the opportunity to apply righteousness as well as equality within his duty of counseling others to become better persons. Understandably, through outlining the different importance of leadership, I have been able to examine myself through an in depth examination of myself and my past thus identifying the different elements that actually contributed to the development that I have already gained from the past.

The application of the things that I have learned both from instruction and experience is rather a strong implication of how I am able to apply what I have been able to grasp through learning within the actual situations of human reality that I deal with. Changing my ways to become a better individual is also a major reason why the success behind my application of learning has naturally come at a better pace to assist myself in moving on to maturity as an individual. Obviously, it is undeniable that the past of anyone is indeed reflective with the way that one lives his present life.

Moreover, the present then is expected to affect whatever future the individual would much likely be dealing with. Undeniably then, the ways by which the said phases of events in one’s life and how they interact with each other is decided upon by the individual themselves. It is through their own discretion that their past is likely to have an effect with their lives at present and towards the future as well. Conclusion Realizing one’s personal capabilities and limitations would help one recognize that others too have their own limitations and capabilities.

People who have the capability of seeing people as persons who are capable of improving and developing are the ones who become successful leaders of the society. In this essay, it could be noted that the author gives a specific point on the performance level that he and his teammates put forward for the sake of the organization’s success. It is through this ability that he sets a fine reputation for himself as a leader. Through the application of integrity and perfection on outcome of efforts, the author helps his team mates motivated to focus on their duties as part of the team and the whole organization as well.

In this study, it has been shown that I, as the author, have my own weaknesses that I need to attend to for the sake of personal development. These weaknesses though are convertible to becoming great opportunities of improvement for my own better performance as a leader. Through the usage of the key experiences that the I have faced and gathered through the stories that my parents as well as grandparents relate to me, it could be noted that the weaknesses that keeps the me from further developing my skills as a leader could still be further eliminated.

Being an achievement oriented person and a neutral leader, I then aim to continuously enrich my ability to lead others through self-improvement.


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