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University of California Davis

I would like to formally appeal for readmission in the university on this year’s fall. I was dismissed because I got two AP’s. At that time, my country, South Korea, called me so I have to leave the university. Having one AP means that I have to depart from the university for one year and since I’ve got two AP’s, I have to be away for two years. I have already talked to an adviser in the College of Engineering and she told me that there will be no problem readmitting in the university on this year’s fall since I have two AP’s.

During the last enrolment, I wasn’t able to enter the university because I was in my country to serve the military. Since I left the university, I’ve been in South Korea serving the military for almost two years. Reminiscing the past university life makes me more excited to go back to school again. This motivates me to correct my mistakes and truly inspires me to be a more serious and responsible student. Too many realizations have already entered my mind and it makes me feel uncomfortable because I ignored a great opportunity that could have a great impact on my career.

On my previous stay in the university, I’ve been struggling to cope up with the lessons being taught by my professor. I was also having trouble managing my time because I always get busy with other important things aside from studying. Right now, I realize how important studying is. It is already time to trail the right path to experience a more successful career. If ever I will be readmitted, I promise to dedicate a huge chunk of my time studying and exert my fullest effort to be able to finish my studies. This is already my last chance to prove to you that I can manage to excel in all academic fields.

I’m aware that if I get one more AP, I will never be readmitted again to the university. These conditions would really force me to study hard. This would eventually ensure my success. My parents have been supportive of my decisions and they also keep on encouraging me to graduate from the institution. If ever I graduate, I plan to find better jobs to earn cash to help my parents. It is my plan to give back to them for all the sacrifices and hardships they experienced in order for me to grow as a better person.

The incidents that happened on my academic life made me ashamed of myself for upsetting my parents. I’ve already made-up my mind that I have to regain my pride and start to earn their trust. Upon readmission, I plan to take my failed subjects first to continue where I lifted off. I believe that I have the necessary attitude and sufficient knowledge to pass all of them because I’ve already encountered them before. While in my country, I kept on reviewing my lessons thoroughly so that if I’d be readmitted, I will never have a hard time catching-up with my lessons.

I also would improve my time management to make sure that I’m not messing-up my schedule. My vacant time should be spent by consulting with my professor to assess my class standing and also to review the lessons with him. I would also rather hang-out inside the library instead of loitering around the university. In this way, I could maximize my time in my academics. It would be a great pleasure if you’ll accept my appeal. I promise not to frustrate you by any means. I also promise not to fail subjects any more to ensure a shortest possible time for me to graduate.

I will concentrate more on my studies and fully dedicate myself to achieve my goal of completing my degree requirements in the university. I believe that I’ll have a brighter future in this prestigious university compared to other institutions. It is known that this university is one of the nation’s top public research institution (The Regents of the University of California, Davis Campus, 2008). I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you and good day! Works Cited “About UC Davis. ” 26, February 2008. The Regents of the University of California, Davis Campus. 27, April 2009 <http://www. ucdavis. edu/about/>

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