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University of California Santa Cruz

For me, the best aspect about the business program in Santa Cruz is its highly extensive curriculum. The program basically encompasses a lot of fields in business and provides students with the necessary skills that would enable them to be successful entrepreneurs in the future. However, more than the theories and lessons that the business program provides, it also inculcates in students the business fundamentals which I believe is a key factor in the success of any business-related endeavor.

I believe for anyone to be successful in the world of business, one has to have the right attitude and more importantly, a solid foundation or background which is exactly what the business program of the University of California Santa Cruz gives to each of its students. In addition, the program also hones students to become highly competent in other key areas of business such as economics, finance, and accountancy. In short, if am accepted into the program, not only will I have the potential to become a successful businessman, but I would also be a well-rounded professional that would easily hurdle any challenge that I may face in my career.

Moreover, the environment of UC Santa Cruz is also an ideal place for learning as it has several colleges that enables interaction among peers, which I believe is also an important factor for students to be able to become successful in any field. Furthermore, the school’s superb architecture and beautiful scenery makes the campus a very comfortable place for any student to study in. If am blessed and fortunate enough to be accepted into the business program I believe that I would gain the necessary skills and knowledge that would give me huge advantage as I proceed with my business career. University of California Santa Barbara

Personally, what I like best about the University of California Santa Barbara’s business program is its’ highly competent and first-rate educators. I believe that for any school to establish itself as one of the premier educational institutions in the world, it should have a campus suitable for learning, highly competitive courses, and, most of all, high-class professors or educators, which is exactly what the UC SB provides. I believe that the school’s faculty would more than provide me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and training that would enable me to become an adept and highly competitive businessman.

In other words, if am accepted into the program, I would be learning from the best and subsequently, have the potential to become the best in my chosen career. Another aspect I find amazing about the program is that it basically covers other fields of business like accountancy and marketing analysis. In other words, the program would not only mould me to become a highly competent and highly successful businessman, it would also allow me to specialize in other areas such as business analysis and corporate accountancy, which I believe would greatly contribute to my personal and professional growth.

Moreover, the UC SB, being a school located at near the coastline of California, has breathtaking views and amazing sceneries that would make me feel right at home. In short, the school’s friendly and well-preserved environment would no doubt make me more enthusiastic to study. Over-all, I believe that the US SB’s business program is the ideal place for me to further my goal of becoming a top-caliber entrepreneur someday. In addition, I believe that my passion for business would no doubt be an asset to the school and would contribute to its continuing growth.

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