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University of Phoenix Fall Commencement Speech

(Put the name of Highest official present), faculty members, parents, fellow graduates, and guests, good (morning/afternoon) to you all. High school graduation is a very important achievement milestone for all of us as it is a turning point in life in which all of our hardships and struggles are finally rewarded. It is a culmination of our parents’ hard work because after all the years of toiling and working hard to send us to school, their efforts have finally come into fruition.

Our long journey also would not have been complete without the help of our beloved teachers, who have constantly been supportive of us in every aspect of our school lives. In my many years here in the school, I have learned that teaching is the noblest profession of all. It basically serves as the foundation for the other branches of knowledge and is one of the most important elements of society. In this regard, on behalf of my fellow graduates, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all the faculty members and parents here today and I also ask everyone to please give them a round of applause.

Looking at back at the past years of my life, I can proudly say that the University of Phoenix has significantly contributed to both my personal and professional growth. One of the most important lessons I have learned here is the value of perseverance and hard work. I have learned that there is no such thing as being smarter or more talented than the other students because in any task, goal, objective or job presented before me, what matters most is that I work hard to accomplish them to the best of my abilities.

Indeed, these past years of my life has been filled with struggles, hardships, challenges, and insurmountable obstacles. Admittedly, these difficulties pushed my skills, my emotions, and my intellect to the limit. However, I have learned through the education and experience that the University has given that no matter how hard the task is and no matter how big the odds stacked against you are, it is important never to lose sight of your goal and keep on persisting to achieve it.

Truly, my education here has enabled me to work extremely well under pressure and always keep my eyes on prize. It then goes without saying that when all of us have become successful in our chosen careers 10 years from now, it is simply because we learned from the best. That we learned the important values and lessons here in the University of Phoenix and we have utilized them to reach our dreams. Personally, I will always consider my stay here in the school as both and honor and a privilege and as a home that I will always look back at in the future.

My fellow graduates, there’s an old saying that goes that a journey of thousand miles begins with one step. However, the road ahead of us will no doubt be longer than a thousand miles. But what’s important is that no matter how long or short the journey is, we take that first step using the knowledge, skills, and values that the University of Phoenix has equipped us with. As we grow older and more experienced, remember that we will always have the option to add years to our life… or add life to our years. Thank you and once again, good afternoon to you all.

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