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University of san dieg

People always dream in order to motivate themselves. Just like any ordinary person, I dream of becoming someone in the future. I believe that everything is possible to happen at the right time and with a great purpose. My willingness to succeed in the field of (insert field of interest here) is at its best right at this very moment. I am very passionate about learning because education is something that cannot be stolen by anyone. There are events that happened in the past that made me decide to do a major change by transferring from one educational environment to another.

I wish to transfer at the University of San Diego and take up (insert name of course here). I am confident that this is the best choice for me because this institution recruits only the best and finest students. I was previously enrolled at (insert name of university where you came from) where I took up (insert name of the course). One thing that sets me apart from an ordinary student is my manner of always putting what I learned into practice. I also devote my time doing self study and advance reading of lessons at home.

Giving my best shot in class is on top of my priority because all of the knowledge and skills I will gain will benefit me in the future. I do everything to finish all my obligations in school before the given deadline. I used to think that studying on my previous school is the best choice for me. I was contented with the type of education and the kind of educational environment where I am because this is what my parents told me. I was too contented following their decisions and having no hesitations of thinking things on my own.

Studying about (insert course here) made me convinced that in time all the knowledge I gained from that degree will open more doors for me in the future. Living the mediocre way made me think and contemplate on things that I really want in life. This time I want to do a major change in my life without anyone commanding me. Being too obedient made me loose my sense of identity. I felt that something was missing in my life and I look upon myself as a robot and the remote control is manipulated by my parents. I took courage and explained to them what I really wanted in life.

I was not disappointed because they agreed with my decision and even showed their support regarding my school transfer. When they asked me where school I wanted to be enrolled, I answered them with full confidence that I want to be a University of San Diego student. I wanted a career that would benefit not only me but also the people around me. I had this certain urge to indulge in a profession that would serve as an inspiration to others. For this, I decided to shift career paths and pursue my dream of becoming a (insert your dream profession here) someday.

I foresee myself doing the job that I like most and be in a university where I can fully express my hopes and ideals in life. I am a very optimistic person and consider struggles as vital for one’s growth. Choosing to study at the University of San Diego is a wise decision because this academe is capable of helping promising students like me achieve all my aspirations in life. This is the best university for me because it offers high quality education with suitable learning environment for responsible students like me.

It has wide array of academic resources which can be utilized in all of my subjects. Learning about (insert name of your course here) is not that easy but I am a person who does not easily give up and always seek for possibilities of gaining knowledge. Whenever I encounter things that I barely know about my chosen field, I will not be threatened because there are university professors at university of San Diego who are experts in honing student skills and abilities. Good mentoring is also one way of guiding students reach the peak of success.

In addition to the aforementioned statements, University of San Diego is also good in providing trainings and seminars which will expose me to new discoveries and allow me to meet different people from all walks of life. The rigorous academic activities that I will gain from this institution are of great importance in my unstoppable quest for success. In this regard, I would be given the opportunity to strengthen my foundation in this world, and at the same time make me become well equipped with the necessary knowledge needed for success.

The stability would also help me to become more prepared with the future. The opportunity that will be given to me by the University of San Diego will become a precious part of my life. I promise to dedicate my time, knowledge and effort in order to graduate in time and with flying colors. This means that I will aim for better grades and be the best student that I can be. I will serve as an inspiration to other students who always take education for granted.

I will not be a disappointment for my parents who put their huge trust on me about my own educational preference. With full courage and responsibility I choose to transfer from one academe to another in order to be more competent and well prepared for the future. The lessons and training given by your institution would be used to improve my knowledge and personality which will be useful not only for my future job but also with my everyday living.

I know that a shift of interest and school is something normal for people. However, I believe that following one’s dream is essential in the growth as a person. For everything that has happened, I still have no regrets. I am sure that I want to pursue a degree in (insert course here) at the University of San Diego. . Life is all about making a difference and inspiring people, and my admission to this prestigious institution would be one step forward in order for me to achieve my goals and dreams in life.

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