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“University of San Francisco—The Key to My Dreams”

“Being persistent in life helps you to achieve your goals and be the best you can be”. This has always been the saying that I have believed and lived up to. My name is ____________. I am of Chinese and Indonesian decent and I was raised in Singapore. Ever since I was a child, I had always dreamt of being a successful entrepreneur. I would often play around with my cousins and friends and pretend that I had my own business. I wanted so much to be successful in my chosen field, that even at a young age, I started searching for schools all over the world that could help me fulfill my dreams.

Then I came across the website of the University of San Francisco. Studying at the University of San Francisco has always been a dream of mine since I was a young girl. Soon after, I became aware that the standards of this school were relatively higher than the others, so I started to hone myself both as a person and as a student. Ever since I was young, I was given the opportunity to go to different countries and see for myself the different cultures of the different countries.

I was awaken by the fact that a lot of countries nowadays are experiencing poverty and there is indeed a big need to help, both the children and adults alike, be educated. For this, I decided that I should help them in my own little way. Since I love reaching out to people, I promised myself that I should exert the effort to encourage other people to help me in my endeavor. I even went to Changmai, Thailand to do charity work. When we were there, I helped in the building of classrooms that were to be used by orphans and those who cannot afford to go to school. Afterwards, we volunteered to teach the children and the orphans English.

It has been my belief that knowing the language would help third world countries elevate, if not escape, from poverty. I know that hard work and perseverance are not enough to make me enter the University of San Francicso. One has to be intellectually, morally, and spiritually active both in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. My education has always been my primary concern and is my priority when accepted to this school. At the same time, I want to enhance my interpersonal skills so I believe that I should also be active in school clubs and organizations.

I am Asian and it is also a curiosity from my end to go and learn the culture of your country. This would also help me to enhance my knowledge about new ideas and someday give me ideas as to how to make my plans come true.. Being able to enter and experience the kind of education that this school has to offer will always be a plus factor in my life, and it does not stop there. When I graduate from college, I will still continue the charity work that I have started and device new and better ways to make it global. I believe that this school can help me be the best person that I can be. It is definitely the key to my dreams.

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