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University students should attend classes

By the time people join university education, they are responsible for their decisions and behaviours. Some people believe that university students are required to attend their classes while others think it should be optional. Personally, I am tempted to wonder how the students can get quality knowledge out of class and without a director. Although self study is a good way to acquire knowledge, I am of the idea that university students should attend classes whether they are for the idea or not. The following ideas empower my proposal;

University students should attend classes University students are able to gather much knowledge when they attend lectures. The professors help the students learn a lot of things that are not written in the books and also explain the things written to help them digest properly. This means they expand, clarify knowledge and assist the students in ways of thinking and the like. At times professors invite guest speakers to come and talk about some issues which they have in common with the students and also their experiences.

This only benefits those who are in class at that particular day. A lot of knowledge is gained through watching other people do and hear them explain in simpler terms. Attending lectures boost the performance of poor students while failing to attend classes expose them to the danger of poor performance and hence failure. This is because the examples given by the professors are what happens in our day to day life compared to those in the books hence easily understood (Playle, pp. 1-6). Learning can be defined as acquiring knowledge and attaining skills through education.

Those people who are ford of missing out in lectures are not complete learners. This is because they do their studies in a rash and for the sake of passing exams and not acquiring knowledge. This is evident in that as they do self study some few days before exams and mostly no one is available to explain to them what they didn’t understand; they just register the exact words in their mind for the sake of the exam. The process of learning is an interactive process that involves a teacher and people to be taught. When made one way like self studying it does not give the best result.

Hence, university students should embrace this process and make the best out of it. Their interactions with the professors help them to think wider and have great ideas (Churchill, pp. 90). The goal of attending a class is not only gaining knowledge but also learning new skills. A class is a place where one learns a lot of skills for their future life. These skills may be overlooked but they are very important for individuals in life. Their professors may require them to do team work through these group assignments the students will learn some skills.

They will learn that their opinions can differ greatly with those of others and through it they will learn to handle other people of whom their opinions are very different from theirs. Through these groups they are able to improve their communication skills which are vital skills when they to work in future. The attributes of hard work and responsibility that are gained through class attendance can’t be overlooked. Going to class and keeping the schedules requires effort from the students. In that it calls for them to learn the previous lesson and prepare for the next lesson.

It also trains the students to be good redeemers of time in that they have to arrange their time between attending classes and self studying (Fielden & Lockwood & Nind, p158) When students start university educations they are exposed to many opportunities. College is much more than academics- clubs, sports teams, employments and many more and are all important to the lives of students. These activities mostly conflict with the academic schedules. Considering there is always time set for all these activities, am left to wonder why they have to conflict with the class schedule.

Also, others may decide to miss a class to finish an assignment in time. On the other hand students may claim that some classes are too big that the interaction with the professors is not possible. I refute that classes are big because the universities have the small group tutorials for those classes to allow good interactions. Yes, competition is high in the job market but there is time for everything and qualifications and good ones are important as time goes by in the employment sector (Smith, pp. 1-4). Conclusion Class attendance is not slavery or a limitation to ones own free will.

It is a chance to improve personal skills and knowledge. For learning to be complete, classes should be inclusive otherwise there was no need of having professors if students would do self study and achieve what is needful to be qualified in which ever course. Therefore, students should not overlook the fact that classes are their workshops where they get made and shaped.

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