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University transfer from Canadian University to American University

Life is full of changes. There are many things that can possibly happen in an individual’s life. One person may live in a place and get used to the usual things that he or she does, but in an instant, his or her life could change into something entirely different that he or she never expected and dreamed to happen in his or her life. I was born and raised in South Korea. When I was still young, I never imagined that I will move to another place, study in a new school, and meet new people. It was way beyond my expectations that I would have to face a new environment or a new world in the future.

On the other hand, I don’t really see any problem with that as I have always been open to changes; in fact, I love them. Changes in life can always bring something to an individual. It could bring happiness, success or failure, and other feelings. In the end, one can always learn and gain something from that change. Thus, when my family decided to migrate to Canada in the year 2001, I was faced with the biggest change in my life. I had mixed emotions when I found out that we were leaving our country and will move to a far and entirely different place. I was worried that I might not be able to adapt in the country that we will go to.

I was afraid of being discriminated by people and will not be able to speak their language. I was very anxious about the culture, the environment, and the people. It was a very hard decision for me and for the rest of my family to migrate to Canada. I was sad because I will leave my friends and relatives upon migrating to a new place. Nevertheless, I was hopeful and full of expectations and excitement. I was excited because I knew that it was going to be a new world to explore, and that meant that I would get to meet new people and learn many things such as the English language and the Canadian culture and traditions.

I was excited in spite of all the negative feelings that I felt at first. When I got to Canada, I can say that I did not really have a hard time adjusting because I have my family who supported and guided me in coping with our new lifestyle. I went to Henrywise High school in Calgary and was able to live a happy and normal life at that time. I gained new friends and eventually got the hang of the culture, people, and language, and I realized that change can make a person learn and gain something from it if he or she would give it a chance and accept it.

I am currently a second year student in McMaster University taking up chemical engineering as my major. I realized that college life is one of the most crucial stages in an individual’s life. Choosing what university to go is a decision that is hard to make. There are a lot of things to consider when a person wants to go to college, such as the major that he or she would like to pursue, the location, and the environment, to name a few. I remember the time when I was about to go to college.

While I had a difficult time choosing what college to apply to, I kept in mind that I would enter a school that will cater to all my needs and offers the major that I would love to take. I also made sure that I would get into a prominent college with a good educational standard. There were a lot of universities and colleges in the country, but I chose to study at Mc Master University as I believe that it has high educational standards for their students, and it is also considered to be one of the well-known schools in the country.

During the few years of my stay in McMaster University, I experienced what college life is, gained a lot of friends, and most importantly, learned a lot of things that I consider to be very helpful in my chosen course and future career. I was able to embrace the true meaning of college life and understand that I am already in a stage where I should be mature and more responsible of myself and the things that I do. I love being in college because I feel the sense of responsibility and freedom.

Nevertheless, I have had my share of hardships because at this stage, every student is expected to work hard so that they can reach their dreams and goals in the future. Extra effort is a requirement, especially in the majors that I am taking. On the other hand, though difficult, I get to enjoy what I do; I found my passion, and I have committed myself to achieving the goals that I have set for a successful, happy, and secure future. I have always dreamed of becoming a chemical engineer in the future, specifically in the field of oil capital.

My passion and great interest in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and computer have significantly influenced my decision to take this major. I want to complete this degree and pursue a career as a chemical engineer working in the oil capital industry. That is why I am striving harder and willing to burn the midnight oil for the fulfillment of my dream. I can now visualize and see myself as a successful chemical engineer in the future serving the country or maybe even the whole world.

Although I am busy in school, I still make it a point that I am living a balanced life by engaging in nonacademic activities. I am sports enthusiast, and I love playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf. Whenever I have free time, I see to it that I do something that will still benefit me in many ways, and I find sports to be one of them because I get to exercise and keep myself physically healthy and fit. At the same time, I get to hang out and be with my friends as well.

I believe that time management is necessary in college, and one should be good at it to lessen stress and problems while one studies in a University. Studying from McMaster University and transferring to Texas A&M University is a very difficult and big decision to make. I have found a place in Mc Master University where I got to live a true college life, met a lot of good people, and gained new friends. It is a school that I chose to be an instrument and a way to accomplish my goals and dreams in the future.

Nonetheless, as I have mentioned earlier, I do not have any problem with change, and I am always open to it. One major reason why I decided to transfer from Mc Master University to Texas A&M University is my family. I grew up with the presence of my family, and it is part of our culture to have close knit family ties. Since I was young, my family has always been there for me, and I grew up with their never ending love and support. My family moved from Canada to Houston Texas because of a great opportunity and other personal reasons.

I decided to move so that I will be able to see my family as often as I want without traveling from Canada to US occasionally. I believe that the effort that would be devoted to traveling will be a waste of time and energy, not to mention that it may affect my responsibilities as a college student. It will be also great to live near one’s family. Hence, I made a very big decision to move from Canada to USA. In addition, I chose Texas A&M University because I believe that this school will provide me with a great opportunity to enhance my skills which can significantly help me to attain all my goals in the future.

It is a fact that Texas A&M University is one of the leading universities in the state, and I am very happy to know that this university offers the major that I would like to pursue. I will work hard to be a great asset to Texas A&M University by dedicating all my time and effort to become a successful chemical engineer someday. As a chemical engineer, I will certainly have the opportunity to express my talents while benefiting and assisting other people in the country and in the world. I love changes, and I always look forward to positive changes in my life.

I expect to learn more and gain more experiences when I transfer to Texas A&M University that will be helpful in accomplishing the things that I want in life. Furthermore, I also look forward to being together and seeing my family as often as I can when I finally move to Houston Texas. I am now emotionally, physically, and mentally ready to accept the changes that will come to my life. I am very excited and happy to find this great opportunity to move to a new environment and world where I can meet new people and experiences new things.

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