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Urban Planning

Flint, located in Genesee County along the Flint River about 60 miles northwest of Detroit, is one of the more developed cities in the U. S. state of Michigan. In 1819, based on the record of City of Flint, Michigan Official Web site (2008), a fur trader man named Jacob Smith has founded the city and was legally united to the states of North America by 1855. For a brief history, the small village of Flint has grown into a large and economic well-being city. It has become the center of producing raw materials such as the lumber around 1800.

Soon after that, the total income produced by lumbering activities gave birth to the local horse-drawn carriages, which led automobile industries into existence in the 20th century Flint. As a result, the city played an important role in automobile industry as many local companies in Michigan have recognized the city as the premier product and service provider in the said industry. Nevertheless, manufacturers and traders within automobile industry have faced some difficulties that made the city collapsed in terms of economic issues and concerns.

Existence of the Automobile Industry Subsequently to the time when auto industry was born, Buick Motor Company had only a rudimentary formal development in Detroit prior to moving its commercial organization to Flint City (“The capabilities of new firms and the evolution of the US automobile industry,” 2002). David Dunbar Buick, a Scottish industrialist and auto builder who incorporated the Buick Motor Company, focused his skills and abilities to making a variety of car styles beginning 1903.

However, due to the broken ground for the first Buick engine plant, it has been moved from Detroit to Flint in which the local entrepreneur named William Crapo (‘Billy’) Durant of Durant-Dort Carriage Company in Flint, Michigan, took control of Buick’s company by 1904, according to Klepper (2002). Fortunately, William C. Durant was able to manage the Buick Motor Company, which made the company recognized by Michigan as the largest manufacturer of automobiles in 1908. This has been the main reason of Durant’s enthusiasm of having his own motor company for he became much acquainted with the system of such an industry.

Therefore, he filed incorporation papers in New Jersey for his newly established company in Flint, which he named General Motors. By 1920, he moved his headquarters from Flint to Detroit thinking that the company might be recognized by many other commercial organizations in different firms or industries. However, Durant was unable to improve his company so he acted as a friend to Louis Chevrolet. Merging their technical skills and abilities in an auto industry, they were able to give birth to Chevrolet that made them successful.

This was the time when Durant used the profit he obtained from his success to repurchase his shares of the General Motors on the open market by Chevrolet. But in spite of that luck, he was unable to manage the company in a good way; hence, it made his stock market damaged and faced financial matters (Berger, 2001). As a result, Flint City has become affected as many employees lost their jobs from the General Motors. Then, it experienced disinvestment, deindustrialization and depopulation due to the number of people that left the city. Conclusion

By analyzing the events happened in Flint, William C. Durant, CEO of the General Motors is to blame for the outcomes, which made by his sudden decisions in terms of handling or taking control of every growing company. Afterwards, due to force labor, people of Flint altered the structure of capitalist system through their protests signifying that firms are responsible for the communities in which they are located. Even though Flint tried to make itself a tourist destination, yet it could not reach prosperity due to inadequate budget and financial assistance.


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