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US at War

The emergence of the World War II is a historical successor to the First World War which included a series of worldwide military aggressions. This conflict was between two rival parties, the Allies and the Axis. Allies comprising of the Soviet Republic, United States of America and United Kingdom. On the other hand, Axis powers were concentrated on Germany, Italy and Japan. This war was the most widespread in the world.

The United States entered the war in 1941, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. The US involvement was based on several factors: one was the bombing itself of the Pearl Harbor after the US policy on resisting trade with Japan. Another factor was the break in American isolationism wherein at the brink of the Atlantic Charter between US and Britain to declare war against fascism (Kelly).

Another factor for the US intervention is to “iron curtain” the fast spreading ideology of communism that was becoming more popular during the time. The idea was to launch a containment policy that was sponsored by liberal democratic states, led by US ideology. Another reason for the intervention of US in the war is to follow the offset of the Great Depression. According to Divine’s writings, the US involvement in the war was a leap to help the nation’s economy.

The Great Depression in America caused unrest and unemployment and the downfall of the American economy. However, at the start of the war, employment surged high and the war bonds become prevalent. Rooting back from the above-mentioned factors in the involvement of US in the Second World War, I think that two of the most important reasons for this involvement is the containment of communism and the state’s economic interest that are offered by the war.

The containment policy of the US against the spread of communism has worked so far from the era of the World War II to the Cold War and even up to the present time. I believe that the US had long foreseen the emergence of the communist ideology, thus they pursued the need for its containment early in the era. However, the containment policy against communist states had resulted in the emergence of the US in world economic and political order. Their involvement in the war had proven beneficial to their economy, during and after the war.

The war period generated massive employment and prompted the influx of dollars towards their economy, thus recovering from the blunt that the Great Depression has caused in their economy and pacifying the people from the civil unrest that it caused. Until this time, the effects of the US intervention in the Second World War is still prevalent. The presence of the American presence and its dominance in the global market and its political supremacy is a proof that their intervention in the Second World War, though widely disapproved by most of its people, had proven beneficial to them.

Not that their involvement in any war is good, but it was just the case that such participation in the war strengthened not only their military supremacy but also their economic prowess globally.


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