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Us History

History is a Greek word that means “knowledge through asking” It is also referred to historia. History is not stagnant and revolves with the current technology and through that it becomes finer and more beautiful and attractive. US consist of different states that are like countries located in the same territory. The countries were colonies of the British. Through them they have been able to unite and form one country which is now called the United States of America. US achievements America has been able to achieve a lot through the past years which has lead to its diversified market to the outside world.

It has also lead to better its self in development of its reputation. It has been able to achieve strength through open market trade and on the other hand it has also established its strong government to be imitated by different countries worldwide especially in 2008 elections where millions of Americans were able to speak out through voting that they needed a change which they can believe in and through that they elected President Obama. Though the Clinton’s government had taken lead in resolving conflicts, fights and misunderstandings between countries and also within the American country itself.

Example in 2008, Condoleezza rice who tried to resolve Kenyan crises. Economic side America has a steady economic life where it trades with different continents all over the world. It derives resources from its different states and makes strategic plans for a period of not more than two years. It brings about different and unique brands of vehicles, medicines, beverages, mechanical products and many more products. It has also ventured in alternative fueled vehicles which uses hydrogen. (Patricia, 1988) Worst hit years

America has experienced worst presidents one being, Mr. Carter’s where he denied freedom, democracy during his reign to Americans. Apart from him there were others who brought to an end the Russian wheat deal, which was to bring about trade with USSR and reduce Cold War tensions. Carter didn’t put weight with the grain exports, which was to help millions of people who were farmers. James Buchanan is also on the list whereby he encouraged slavery and during the 19th century, more than 500,000 Americans died trying to bring to an end the practice. Lyndon b.

Johnson being the 36th president never supported black Americans and were subjected to poverty and were not subjected to succession. He discouraged any position. For a black any business, some estates also were not to be stayed by blacks and intermarrying of the whites and blacks. This was all socialism which made individuals dislike one another. (George, 1984) These are among the many presidents who were recognized to have contributed to bring about negative effects in the country. Conclusion Through this the blacks have been able to reestablish themselves and be able to form one voice.

They have shown through their votes that they also deserve a chance in government by uniting up and supporting the Democrats. They have been able to elect president Obama as their president despite of being an African American. By that they have been able to fight the National government which has been the lead.


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