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US Marine as a worst job

They arrive and disappear in silence like shadows. They do not give orders, they simply execute them. They undergo the harshest physical and mental training you could imagine to become the elite members of this exclusive cadre. They very rarely, if at all, receive acknowledgment and award in public. Some think of them as heroes defending the interest of the country and its people; some view them as government-funded commandos and place them under the harsh critique for violating this or that.

The views surrounding their existence are controversial indeed. Bonded by military code of honor and unwritten inner rules, they dutifully serve their country. They are adored, loved and supported by their families; for them, they are the loved ones they support. As for many countries, they are the special task force-perfectly functioning live mechanism selflessly working for the best. Despite all of this, Marines have perhaps one of the worst jobs in the world. The honor and glory that they achieve is comparable to the horrors that they have to face.

In a report conducted by independent analysts, it has been shown that a majority of the marines who have recently seen combat have been found to suffer from sever psychological trauma. This is often caused by the intense training they endure, they killing and violence that they are exposed to and the risk of death. These episodes have not only made it difficult for them to adjust to civilian life but have also resulted in domestic violence. Perhaps the most traumatizing thing that marines have to deal with is the fact that they personally experience many of the atrocities of war.

Aside from all the innocent lives that are lost, these individuals have to face the moral dilemma of seeing their fellow compatriots commit war crimes. The laws and rules of war are merely suggestions when one is on the battlefield. These and many other things are a few of the ordeals that these marines have to face and for which they know they get no reprieve or recompense. Another problem that they face is the fact that while there are accolades and awards reaped upon those who survive, there are also those who live unrecognized lives.

They may have been heroes by serving for their country but the recognition is fleeting and oftentimes just ceremonial. There is nothing lasting that remains for these brave individuals but the memory of the scars that war has left on their bodies and in their hearts. Being a marine is not an easy job, it is a way of life that is only for those who are prepared to face the worst and not come back from such an encounter. Perhaps, the highest accolade a marine can get for all the hardship and sacrifice is a posthumous award that is only given years after death.

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