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US Naval Effects on the Environment

The use of military equipment and other paraphernalia may affect the environment. Different types of military equipments have different effects on the environment. The US Navy is the United States premier naval combat force. This assembly of highly specialized units for sea warfare uses military equipments. There is a possibility that the US Naval Force may cause environmental impact and it can be hazardous to the environment. Results showed that solid waste disposal is a common problem in the US Navy. US shipboard solid waste discharges leads to adverse marine environmental. The US Navy

The US Navy is a branch of the US armed forces specialized in conducting operations at sea. It originated from the Continental Navy which was disbanded in 1790. It was the United States Constitution that gave the Congress the power “to provide and maintain a navy. ” It had created its own worldwide mark during the World War II. The Attack on Pearl Harbor and the Japan’s official surrender on USS Missouri are two of its most significant events. Since then, it had kept ties with other countries in providing protection against seaborne attacks. Naval Ships Effects in the Environment

Pollution is the process of polluting a medium, or in much simpler sense, contamination of soil, water, or the atmosphere. US Naval ships are a source of environmental pollution in many ways. One of the main problems of the US Navy is also the first in the list. It is the problem with solid waste disposal. Many Naval ships are designed to stay in water for a few days or even months. Solid wastes such as food residues are difficult to contain since it can accumulate and take up the ships space. There is a need to throw the garbage, in most times, into the sea. This in turn will affect the marine environment.

Another way is the use of radioactive materials in combat. This is very dangerous in the sense that it threatens not only the enemies but also the marine environment the Navy is living with. The risk of nuclear pollution is high since most naval submarines are using nuclear power and firepower. A leak to the marine environment could kill an entire community in that environment. Finally, noise can also affect the environment. This is common in our daily lives. Noise pollution can cause stress to the animals exposed to that kind of pollution. Navy ships are sources of noise in the marine environment.

This means that it affects the behavior of living organisms in a particular area by constantly giving out noise pollution and causing stress to them. Conclusion Despite the fact that US Navy was designed and empowered to provide the United States operations overseas, there is that fear of causing adverse effects in the marine environment. It is the duty of US Navy to protect its citizens but it should also take care of the marine environment. The US Navy should be very careful about this.


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