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Us Policy Towards Terrorism

Is the US policy towards terrorism successful? I believe that any policy against terrorism will take time to succeed. The terrorists are clearly attacking our values and ideas. They believe that they can destroy our way of life and take away our freedoms. On 11th September 2001, my nation witnessed the most horrible and barbaric assault on any civilized country when nineteen hijackers flew three airplanes into the World Trade Centre and Pentagon. A fourth plane was downed by the heroic passengers who prevented the hijackers from attacking their perceived target.

President Bush was authorized by the US Congress to launch an all out assault against the terrorists. The United States has launched military actions against terrorist sanctuaries in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think the best aspect of the US policy against terrorism is no negotiations with terrorists. The Anti terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 is an asset in the fight against terrorists as it prevents American organizations from providing any kind of financial assistance to terrorist groups. I think that terrorism has to be struck at the financial, political and military level.

The financial network of the terrorists is based on the use of money laundering, drug smuggling, diamond and oil smuggling which forms the basis of funding terrorism. Suspending and blocking these financial assets will definitely in my opinion crush the threat of terrorism. Stabilizing Afghanistan will be another definite success in the war against terrorism. The United States must continue to support friendly governments in the Islamic World. In the end I think that fighting terrorism will have to be coordinated at the political, military and financial levels with the international community.

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