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USA invasion into Iraq

As it is stated in the article at CNN. com “leaders in Europe and the Middle East see the attacks against Lebanon as disproportionate” and this statement provokes a new question: at what exactly moment these attacks became “disproportionate” and Israel self-defense transformed into aggression? When ten civilians were killed or twenty? This question is not a simple one as it raises the global problem of the right to resort to weapon against certain country.

It is directly related to the world community and to get into the root of the matter it would be useful to have recourse to the investigation of the question of the legality of the USA invasion into Iraq. Speaking about military invasion legality the answer may seem obvious: the U. N. is the world’s premier political body; its Charter requires Security Council authorization for the use of force. No one can disagree with this statement. The situation in which the force can be applied is also obvious: there should be continuous failure to execute resolutions, carried by UN Security Council, or their systematic violation.

In particular, what concerns Iraq, there was an array of resolutions carried, which Iraq refused to execute. But it is necessary to clarify was it solely Iraq’s fault? The answer is simple: the world body had failed in all those years to attain the goals that the US government was seeking, in large part because the Council was bitterly and chronically divided on the critical question of how — sometimes even on whether — to enforce its numerous resolutions on Iraq. Thus it follows that the Council, while carrying its resolutions, even if under the pressure from U. S. side, itself resists their execution.

Here the EC countries and Russia are to be fully reproached. No country in the world would execute any resolutions in such circumstances. However, when it came to the point when acts of force were very likely, Iraq, nevertheless, began to execute U. N. Security Council resolutions. But this time the USA and allies decided to launch the invasion with complete neglect to international law . Such total neglect to the Council resolutions, even by its permanent members, caused the situation where UN Council turned into a fake organization, unable to solve global conflicts.

This event was treated by Arab nations as a challenge to the whole Muslim world. The USA and its citizens were looked at as invaders who can disregard international law leaning on their military and economic might. For a common American citizen this is a terrible situation. In any place of the world he or she becomes an object of hatred. In attempt to protect its people in military manner US government created the situation when neither in Europe nor even at home the Americans can feel safe (9/11 events).

In other words, military methods, unapproved by world community, in fact, helped to solve Iraq problem but immediately generated many other problems. Now it is time to return to the case with Israel-Hezbollah war, which is more complicated. It should be noted that this war is, virtually, the war of radical Arabs against Israeli country where, unfortunately, peaceful civilians have to suffer. The UN Security Council has passed corresponding resolutions against both enemy parties – Hezbollah organization and Israel.

It must be observed that UN Security Council also passed the resolution concerning Hezbollah in 2004 , however, two years passed and it still was not applied either. Failure to fulfill this requirement was a formal ground for Israel to attack the territory of Lebanon. Moreover, the Security Cabinet of Israel “agreed Israel will not give up its demand for Lebanon to implement U. N. resolution 1559, which calls for the disarmament of Hezbollah and any other militias, and the deployment of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon”.

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