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Used Book Fair

A used book fair, is an ideal opportunity to firstly, collect all genres of books and secondly, to offer them for resale. It is a means of encourage people in a society to read and understand its relationship to knowledge and life. This proposal offers a starting point from which one can learn how to plan and successfully organize a used book fair. Step 1: Establishing sale logistics – this important especially for advertising. a) Date: February 2nd 2007 b) Location: School’s Auditorium c) Time: 8am to 4pm d) Time frame: Four weeks for preparation Step 2: Brainstorming – how can I do this sale successfully?

a) Target audience – young people, parents and kids. b) Cost – it is important to keep it minimal, so donations from companies are needed and perhaps personal contributions. c) Objective – to encourage people to read and to recycle books. d) Get approval from the relevant authorities. Step 3: Advertising and sponsorship – the use of all media forms cheaply available such as flyers, the school’s website, internet blogging, face book groups, banners or simply the newspaper classifieds. It is important to get the word out so that interested students or organisations will donate books to the sale.

Whatever, channel chosen, the advertising should be bright and attractive so that visibility captures student’s attention. Additionally, it may become necessary to target companies or libraries and past students with a specific interest in used book resale. Step 4: Marketing and Communication Campaign: this involves high degrees of public relations as a means of capturing interest. Then one recognises the importance of marketing not just the sale but the objective and focus of it. Step 5: Book Collection – this may be the most rewarding part of the event management. It’s quite fulfilling to see draws of books being donated to the sale.

At this point, it’s essential that book chests or boxes are well labeled and categorized. Perhaps this can be done according to subject areas or genres of text, of course if time permits. This is necessary for proper organisation. Step 6: Volunteer – help in all forms are needed both before and after the sale to ensure prompt and efficient service on the day of the sale. Volunteers should be students and they must be a formal briefing as to how the used book fair will be conducted and their individual roles to be played. Perhaps, considering dress uniformity makes it easy for patrons to identify support staff if any difficulties arise.

Step 7: Pricing – all books should be low cost so that no one leaves the sale without a desired book. Money should not be the target objective because the plan is to encourage a society of readers. Perhaps all books should be tagged below one dollar and the proceeds used to purchase new books for under privileged citizens. The balance of books remaining from the sale can be donated accordingly. Step 8: Present views on book sales – It is said that recently, used books fairs have become a popular medium through which people get rid of old books and pass them on to others so as to stimulate and revive a passion for reading.

One group is the American Association of University Women, who is known for frequent scheduling of used book sales. Most groups frequently involved in this type of trade advocate that the marketing strategy is of high priority. Ideally, organizers should dedicate a webpage to the sale, exploit the market with knowledge and information about the sale’s nature and seek continuous assistance so that companies understand the cause behind such a drive.

Conclusion: All in all, organizing a used book fair is a promising idea and means of resurrecting old books and getting students involved in reading as a pastime. This proposal is subject to change with time and new ideas arising out of the experiences of others. It is just an operating guide for planning.

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