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Useful Invention Or Absolute Truth: What Is Math

“Useful Invention Or Absolute Truth: What Is Math? ” is such an interesting article as it discusses mathematics as a concept not just a tool, something that most people who use it take for granted even though both physical and social sciences depend heavily on drawing conclusions from quantitative data.

One interesting point was that math comes from human experience and not the other way around. For example, using this idea, the theory that the perception of beauty is based on the “golden ratio” can be reversed and restated that the “golden ratio” is based on the human perception of beauty.

Most of the proof use the theory of evolution to support that mathematics is an innate ability, but this can be rebuffed by Platonists by questioning evolution itself and pushing creationalism; they could argue that since God made human and human minds, and minds make mathematics, thus God still indirectly created mathematics.

The most convincing point in the article though, is that Mathematics is a language; because it combines the intrinsic human capability to learn languages, and the creative capabilities of man (the same way man creates art and literature).

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