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Using Commercial Pki/Wireless Security

PKI generally stands for public key infrastructure; it is a type of encryption that is used to protect wireless devices from invasion. Compared to other protective mechanisms, it is a mechanism that has been underrated for its inability to provide maximum security to the system despite the disadvantages; PKI wireless security is preferred due to the following advantages: Reliability Public key infrastructures are reliable due to their availability to the public. Their offerings are well tested and strong as they have been designed to counter the competitive market. They are very flexible and can hence be used in any geographical location.

Support and interoperability PKI solutions provide more support and training options compared to other in-sourced software technologies. They have a capability of working in a more effective manner as they are compatible. PKI software can be made to work with policies that are not similar in nature. Indemnification PKI software provides the best alternatives for cover especially when the company faces the risk of loosing the data. Anything may happen in the event of company operations, data may be lost due to system failure, malicious speculation or simply through mistakes.

PKI software acts as an insurance cover that the company can take to protect it from loosing important data. (Noonan, 2004) Securing a wireless network The digital world has given rise to a wide range of wireless networks that are preferred due to their flexibility. Their flexibility in usage has also made them vulnerable to attack and invasion. Compared to non wireless systems where somebody has to physically come and tamper with them, non wireless systems can be digitally interrupted and sensitive data interfered with by anybody that has knowledge on the operation of the system.

However, wireless systems can be made to serve organizations better without having to make them worry about the security of their data. The following measures should be taken: Wireless networks are usually accompanied by security features; a company has to ensure that the security features are kept on. Even though most of them are automatically on, they may be turned off by default. It is therefore important for the features to be frequently monitored and kept on. An SSID name should always be selected for a modem router; this will enable the company’s network to be distinguished from any other similar networks in its area of location.

This is necessary for the company that will need to make future references. WPA encryption is the best for a modem router and in case it is unavailable on the modem router then a WEP 128-bit encryption will be the best alternative. The encryption is important as it screens through the data that enters through the system to prevent any access that has not been authorized. All wireless adapters of the company must be set by an encryption before being connected to computer systems. The company can always use the AOL easy installer to ensure that all security settings are available on the systems.

All the systems of the company should be installed with antivirus software’s to prevent the files from being corrupted. The period of their operations may be limited and therefore the company needs to ensure that latest versions are updated (Barken, 2003). A company should also ensure that the employees are informed of the latest tactics used by raiders to get personal profiles of the company. Employees who are using the wireless networks need to be trained to take extra care so that no sensitive information is leaked out.

A company should ensure that all the systems are regularly programmed to monitor any misuse. Security software also needs to be changed to the changes in the field of information technology. When certain software is used over and over a gain, it may make the outsiders to be acquainted with its operation and therefore used to access company data. Some security software also expires by time and may not always be provided the security needed for the wireless systems. The company should take extra care whenever it needs external expertise to retrieve lost data or reprogram its systems.

The information technology engineers should be individuals that can be trusted with company information. Information technology engineers can be a big let down to the company if their loyalty is not approved. (Noonan, 2004) Conclusion Wireless systems cannot be completely avoided in this digital world. They have become the most flexible assets that can be maintained by a company. They have made companies not only be limited to work within the office building but also anywhere they feel comfortable. Offices have become less congested as all files are now technologically stored in computers.

Despite the insecurity threat that they are exposed to, companies can modify them to ensure that their services are beneficial. Technology has invented a number of software that can be used by the users of such systems to ensure maximum security. However, the software should be frequently updated and modern ones used. (Barken, 2003)


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