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Using Netbeans and Java

The application that has been created is made on the Netbeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE), using the Java programming language. The applications create report for a real estate office manager (client), and are aimed at helping the client with reports on property listings. There is a text file that provides the crude information about the real estate listings. The application would have to read the text file and create two organized text files by extracting information from the original file. The input file is listings.

txt which contains the property ID, the real estate type, the value of each property in dollars and the agent ID. This file was opened and the data were extracted, processed upon to create a new file named agentreports. txt which contains the real estate types (in upper case), the agent ID, and the total asset value associated with each agent. This file is generally to view the performance of each agent, and the agent ID is therefore the key for the information. In the second file that was created, the input file remains the same (listings. txt).

The file was read again by the similar process, and the new output file contained overview of the property. The output file, named listings. txt contains the number of properties listed in the original file, the cumulative value of all the assets, and the individual property IDs. The complete project uses the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) features of the Java Programming language, and by creating individual class files. All these individual files can be referred as modules, which were integrated under the Netbeans IDE to create the complete application.


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