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Using sources purposefully

Sources may be classified into various classes according to its spirit of using it. For example these may be used as our natural sources like air, water, minerals, iron ore, coal, oil etc. The judicious use of these sources will get fruitful results, otherwise when all these sources depleted, then our planet will become hell to live. Another meaning of sources may be used as one’s political sources, administrative sources and/or similar fields, if we cannot use these sources purposefully then our purpose will be defeated.

Again the term sources is used in terms of source of any information for stringers and for persons working in media print or television. Sometimes if the source of information is revealed to someone opposite party the rivalry between the source of person and affected person is not ruled out. So in every case the use of sources should be purposefully and judiciously. Oil is one of the source of energy, but the depletion level of oil increase the prices of oil prices. High oil prices have increased the cost of transporting food and purchasing fertilizer. Some experts say the rise of biofuels has reduced the amount of food available for humans.

Similarly coal fired power plants are taking hits from all sides. ” The unkindest cut to future coal fired power generation came recently when Samuel Bodman, Secretary, the US Department of Energy (DOE), declared that the Bush Administration had decided to withdraw funding to FutureGen, the US government’s effort to develop a “Clean Coal” power plant. The plant would have turned coal into hydrogen-rich synthetic gas, generating electricity while pumping carbon dioxide underground for permanent storage” (The Wall Street Journal, WSJ, February2,2008). “It would be irresponsible to ignore emerging information about the contribution of carbon

dioxide and other greenhouse gasses to climate change and the potential harm to our environment and health, if we do nothing” , The Washington post quoted. The water is other major source of livelihood, every living thing from plants, trees to animals and mankind all depends on water. Page 1 It is abundantly available on our planet earth, the ? of our earth is filled with water, the problem is to use it purposefully and judiciously. In a developing country like India at the same moment there is flood in some parts of country and another part of country is facing the problem of drought.

There is no clear cut policy to use and distribute water in such a way that every one can get water according to his requirement. In the pre independence era, there is a planning of building a big dam covering the entire north region from where the rivers originate i. e. nearest to the Great Himalaya , and from this dam the water can be distributed to drought prone areas and to far off areas through distributaries and small rivulets. But this remains in papers and meetings only, nothing materialize happen, the problem of floods and droughts remains as it is till after 60years of independence.

Pollution is also one of the reasons to deplete the sources of livelihood, like water pollution air pollution is also devastating, as air is necessary to breath for animals as well as mankind. Poisonous effluents from factories and vehicles affect the ozone layer of our biosphere. The ozone layer in the biosphere is working as a shield from the dangerous rays of Sun which burns our skin and sensitive plants. The polluted air makes holes in this shield resulting into there are increasing cases of skin diseases. Despite this depletion of ozone layer, the other effects of air pollution are breathing problems to mankind and animals, plants.

With these effluent gasses the level of oxygen is also decreasing in the atmosphere. The need of hour is the judicious use of water and air. In rising population pressure on agriculture, the prices of basic staples-wheat, corn, rice-are at record highs. Global food stocks are at historic lows. It means the sources of livelihood are fully exploited and there is no further scope of increase the nutritious value of agriculture land. These sources are not man made, these are natural, we cannot increase its quantity, but we can use these sources purposefully in such a manner that this process of livelihood live long for ever.

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