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UV Radiation Order Type

Introduction – UV exposure has been one of the source of health problems, and because of this, professionals and medical experts continue to warn the public about UV exposure, its effects, and how to be less vulnerable to UV rays. Health effects resulting from exposure to UV radiation – While there are benefits from being exposed to UV rays, too much of it, like the excess of everything else, is harmful.

The main aspects of the human health affected by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, according to health organizations, include the immune system, as well as the skin and the eyes. “According to the United Nations Environment Program, increased UV radiation can impact our immune system and lead to the spread of infectious disease; increase the risk of skin cancer, particularly basal and squamous cell carcinomas and the more deadly melanoma; as well as cause cataracts (Tennesen, 2004, p.

44). ” Environmental sources of UV radiation exposure – The sun is the main environmental source of ultraviolet rays, and because of that, the main and biggest source of environmental UV exposure is the sun. With the use of modern day technology, there are also some equipment and gadgets in use today that can emit ultraviolet rays, but the exposure of the human body to such source is far from the qualities of sun exposure.

Measures to be taken to reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation – In order for individuals to minimize ultraviolet exposure and minimize risking the health problems that goes along with excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, professionals provide a set of advisory materials geared at informing the public on what to do so that the exposure to ultraviolet rays is reduced. Reducing ultraviolet exposure is not difficult, since most of the measures that a person needs to take is practical and very easy to do.

“The best way to prevent sun-induced skin damage is to avoid sun exposure altogether (Pray, 2005, p. 568). ” All a person needs is discipline and the constant use of clothing, sun protectors like eyeglasses, hats and sunscreen. Through the use of these items, the body is less exposed to the rays of the sun and to ultraviolet exposure. “The most effective ways of reducing UV exposure are staying out of the sun when UV levels are high by staying indoors or seeking shade, covering up with clothing, wearing hats and using sunscreen (Ayers, Baum, McManus, 2007, p. 610). ”

Conclusion – There are many different activities that people enjoy doing under the sun, but with the growing problem of UV exposure-related problems, the public should take careful measures and not risk the health effects of too much exposure to sun and the UV rays.


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