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Vacation & would be six days

My vacation would be six days of sightseeing in Paris. One day I will be cruising along the River Seine and visiting Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees and the next day, I will go to the Notre Dame Cathedral and then take a cruise down the Seine. Each day will definitely be a new adventure. I can’t wait to discover the spectacular sceneries, rare treasures, and exquisite traditions that will sure to be a delight. One influential media source is Frommer’s message board thread all about travelling. Upon seeing the picture of a cruise in Europe, I felt that if I go there, it will be a relaxing and adventurous trip.

I decided to click on the Travel Talk tab and the message board had a lot of thread about France (3,000+ threads), a majority of which were about Paris. Several travelers said they went through culture shock but the trip was worth it because of the architectural/cultural finds. I’m definitely interested in the latter and since comments came from people who have actually been to Europe, I felt that it is reliable, hence, my choice. Another influential source is word of mouth. I asked my relatives where I should go for an adventurous culture-rich trip and they recommended Paris.

Their description of it was – you can let your imagination run wild because of the numerous museums! Since I got first hand information about the place I wish to go to and there was positive response, I was certainly excited. I am interested in art and when my relatives mentioned the place where I can find several art sightings, it is definitely a go signal. The third source is a website about touring Paris. I read about touring the museums they had there – the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Marmottan Museum, and several others.

I was eager and thrilled. I felt drawn to the pictures of the museums in the website to the point that I can already envision myself in the museums looking over the artworks one by one. Even though tour prices are steep, I felt that I, together with my friend, can tour the museums on our own. I just have to get the addresses of the museum and a Paris map. Last is the advertisement about Paris placed at the Yahoo website. Upon seeing the picture, I felt like I was in the man’s place – seeing beauty of Eiffel tower through the binoculars.

Paris indeed has the best sights that can be seen by the eye. At first, I decided to go to Malaysia. I was drawn by its tourism advertisement – Malaysia Truly Asia. However, after a careful scrutiny of the cost involved in the airfare alone through a website, I decided to scrap out the option. Another destination I considered was Hawaii but according to my friends, going to Hawaii isn’t that of a big thing as compared to going to Paris. Since I won the sweepstakes, of course I wanted it to be a memorable vacation so off to Paris it is.

As for accommodations, I considered the Louvre hotels since it is near the places I would like to go to but the cost per night is expensive so I decided to forgo it and choose another better alternative, which is Hotel Victoria. At first, I planned a trip to Versailles. However, considering the limited time I, together with my friend, would be spending there, I decided to go against it. I thought that there were far better things to see in Paris than spend a majority of my time and money for the transportation to Versailles.

I also wanted to go to Disneyland Paris. However, because of the posts of other travelers regarding Disneyland to be a typical spot that can be explored in other trips, I again decided not to include it in my itinerary. Besides, according to them, one motivating factor to go to Disneyland is when you are travelling with kids. Since I did not bring any kid, it is scratched out of the list. For me, the most useful media source was the travel message boards because of the several relevant threads posted.

Taking the comments together, they were able to give me a quick overview as to what a potential vacation to a certain place would seem. Furthermore, I obtained a lot of information as to where I should go, places I should see when I indeed go to Paris. I already formulated a part of my itinerary based on the recommendations indicated by the threads. There were also crucial tips for travelers such as one should be prepared for a culture shock, some of the Parisians seem to be rude so what should be done, and the like.

The most influential media source would be word of mouth. This is because information received is from first hand sources so you’ll know what they’re saying is true. Real facts can be obtained since the people you are talking to experienced or knew the thing he/she is talking about himself or herself. Moreover, you can tell them what you want in a trip and they can respond to you accurately because they know what you want and what are your likes and dislikes since they know you personally (I gained word of mouth recommendations from my relatives).

Hence, through word of mouth sources, you are assured that what they are saying are not fabrications. The most complementary media source would be the message boards and the websites. After checking the things written in the message boards, I double check it with the websites (Google or other links) to see if it actually exists. I can also see pictures about the subject and more detailed facts about it. The website actually serves as a form of validation for the things written in the message boards. In my opinion, these two definitely work well hand in hand to give the traveler pertinent information.

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