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People in ancient times were not concerned on politics, economics, and society but merely focus on how to find food especially bread. Until the medieval times, wheat and bread developed the culture and society of Europe and Middle East. Bread became part of the traditions/customs of every population. Bread symbolizes life from ancient times until the present because bread as a staple food is readily available and cheap (which the poor people can afford).

Grown in Mesopotamia and Egypt, wheat was later discovered that can be pulverized, set over fire, and then hardened into flat bread. After the ancient times, agriculture changes the nature on how people work. People as agriculture developed do not devote their time planting and harvesting wheat but devote their time in other fields (artist, scientist, engineers, etc. ). Through the Middle and Medieval times, bread sustained the food supply (dark ages) of the poor people. The process of making bread was developed through baking.

Quality standards were set by the society in order for classification of quality breads. A person’s societal status can be classified according to the color of bread they make/consumed. The darker bread was consumed by poor people. Today, people set higher price to darker bread. Bread beer was taken from bread. People believed in the importance of bread in our every day life. It does not only cross the traditions but also the religious aspects. In the bible, it says, “Give us this day our daily bread” (taken from http://play.

rbn. com/? url=unlv/unlv/demand/FAB333. AMccool/8%20-%20Bread. rm&proto=rtsp). Bread riots occurred during the French revolution. Although the bread issue was not directly the cost of revolution, lack of food supply became the (one of the) problem French people wanted to addressed. Until today, people lived with bread. It remains important in our diet. Bread remains part of the tradition.


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