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Video Games & Children

It is indeed admissible that the present time or generation is characterized as a computer era wherein modern technology serves numerous values or meanings in the life of the people and the society of today. This significant social change is considered to be the primary engine that has bring about different outcomes and experiences for the people and community that could be measured in both positive and negative terms. Certainly, computer video games are one of the primary outputs of the computer generation.

This type of modern technology is one of the many inventions today and is released with the purpose of enhancing the entertainment of the public. True enough, for its principal usage and functions, such video games launched in both the internet and play stations are entertaining for the children as well for the adult. In addition to this, there are games available online and through the play stations that are academically helpful in which it helps the young ones in developing positive learning capabilities.

However, apart from such positive usage and effect of video games among the young ones, there are also negative effects that are associated with the same. One of these is that children exposed in playing violent video games tend to acquire negative behaviour in terms of the way they think and handle conflicts in their life. In addition to this, the negative effect of such violent video game is that most children with the age range of 8 up to 12 years old are spending more time playing such aggressive video games everyday than studying their class lessons.

Likewise, research shows that violent video games promote violence among the children exposed to such than learning healthy ways to deal with other people to resolve conflicts and differences in a peaceful manner (Gentile, 2004). Hence, due to excessive habits of playing such violent video games, there is an increase in statistics among the children with failing marks (Gentile, 2004).

In the end, with the above written facts and information about video games, it can be said that this modern technology entails both positive and negative effects among the young ones, most especially among the children with ages ranging from 8 to 12 years old. Nonetheless, the adults concerned must be aware of such negative implications of video games to be able to protect the young ones.


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