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Vietnam War

The picture depicts the pathos and miseries of American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Before we proceed with interpretation of the interpretation of the picture, it is quite necessary reveal the perspective of the war. By the end of 1964 it became increasingly apparent that the Vietnam could not be saved from the communist without active American participation. In August 1964, the American naval vessel was involved in a conflict with North Vietnamese vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin, which was interpreted as an unprovoked aggression against United States.

As a result, during the subsequent months the American involvement in Vietnam increased tremendously. Following an assault attack on the American camp at Pleiku by the Vietcong, the American troops restored to air-strikes and full-scale use of American troops in February 1965. The intervention in Vietnam was severely condemned by American people. There4 was massive scale movement across country about the objectives of the war and loss of money and men. The war claimed the lives of more than 58,000 American soldiers and marines. The issue became thorny for the Nixon administration but his administration was unwilling to retreat.

This unwillingness resulted in the suffering ad increase in the causalities as depicted in the picture. This picture presets only one side of the issues as ordinary Vietnamese and people of NLF also had heavy losses of life, money, infrastructure, economy and society. Furthermore, ati0communist forces also included various other nationalities like South Vietnam, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand and they also suffered from the heavy causalities. Although the pictures provides a clear idea about the physical condition of downtrodden American soldiers but it also provides a deep insight in the psychological condition of these soldiers.

They seem oppressed, tense and demoralized. Two extreme suggestions were made to Nixon to solve the problem-either massive military escalation or immediate retreat. Nixon rejected both these options. The effort to win the war by an all-out military measure was risky because it would drag other nations into war. He was also opposed to the idea of immediate retreat because it would have meant abandoning of allies with whom United States had stood for so many years. Further, reckless withdrawal would have neither brought peace to South Vietnam not honor to America.

So war continued and American soldiers suffered as pictures clearly manifests. Nixon followed the parallel tracks of negotiation and Vietnamization. America capacitated Vietnam to fight its own war and progressively assume their responsibility for their own defense. In the meanwhile, efforts were also continued for negotiated settlement of the problem. By these measures Nixon was able to bring out America out of war with honor but with a heavy loss of 58,000 lives.

On July 2, 1976, Vietnam was conquered Ho Chi Minh and it was declared a Socialist Republic. Vietnam further invaded Cambodia and conquered it. During genocide about 2 million people were killed. So the suffering and maladies of the American soldiers as depicted in the picture is only tiny proportion of the agonies of the people during and after the war. During and after the war there was heated debate about the American political and military intervention at international and its impact on American life. America learnt a lot of lessons from this war.

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