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Vietnam War versus Iraq war

All wars, whether civil or between nations, are always characterized by violence, bloodshed and the infliction of injuries on many families. It renders many fatherless, homeless and wandering without hope. However, some benefit from the war. Oftentimes, while one nation becomes more powerful as a result of the war, the other is crushed and left without defense. It is always a time characterized by regrets and events that stick to one’s memories. To us, they may be history but to those that are affected by these wars, they are real experiences never to be forgotten.

In America, the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq are two events that will go down the annals of history. Although set at two different historical period, these two wars has some elements that have a striking similarity. To start with, both wars were not fought on the American soil. It will be interesting to note that the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq are both fought in the Asia. Another similarity that we can see about these wars in that they are both characterized by violence, infringement of human rights by the incumbent government, and execution of political dissents.

In the case of Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem operated a tyrannical and autocratic government where oppositions against his government were arrested, detained and tortured to the point of death. On the other hand, in Iraq, Saddam Hussein was also an autocratic leader that has a record of genocide. He also tortured any citizen that spoke against his government. Furthermore, both wars were as a result of a fight for the name and prestige of America. In the case of Vietnam, America went to war to protect their prestige and defend their honor against the communist and the Soviet Union.

America wanted to support the policy they have on thus country. America was concerned about the rise of communism in Asia and that it will spread to the shore of Europe and then to America. In relation to this, the war in Iraq was a battle that was fought in the defense of honor. America, as they say, is fighting for the total eradication of terrorism. As expected, these wars have their differences. For instance, while it was another party that was the cause for the terror in Iraq, it was an American established government that was committing the crimes.

Ngo Dinh Diem was chosen by the American government themselves to rule the people of Vietnam. Apart from this, we can say that the war in Iraq was a rather defensive war – defensive in the sense that America was fighting back in obvious retaliation of the September 11 attack. On the other hand, America can be said to have been on the attacking side during the Vietnam War. The American government wagged a war against the communism before its spread to the shores of Europe. Also, the war in Iraq can be described as an invasion that was launched by America.

Critics of the war have said that America “bombarded” Iraq without invitation. On the other hand, America’s participation at the Vietnam War was by invitation. Although the invitation came from a government that was established by America themselves, we can still claim that America did not just launch an attack uninvited. It will be recorded, even if it is right or wrong, that the government of Vietnam asked for the military aid of America. Summarily, we speak of the Vietnam War as part of our history but we are still fighting in Iraq. In the case of Vietnam War, we already know what happened.

Therefore, we can rest on our oars and assess our mistakes. We can assure ourselves that no more lives will be lost and no more cost will be incurred. However, our hearts are still pounding and our minds wondering what the outcome of the war in Iraq will be. We are faced with uncertainty and the dawn of each day makes our ignorant heart wonder. For one, no war makes men better people, no battle is sweet to the memory of those who experience it. We already know what has happened in the past and should therefore learn to live in peace with one another.

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