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Violence against women

The US office on violence against women , defined domestic violence as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner. Domestic violence occurs when one partner exercise power on the other. Domestic violence occurs in married relationship, unmarried who are either of opposite sex or same sex. Women are the most victims of domestic violence although a very small percentage of violence occurs against men. Therefore, violence against women is prevalent and has adverse effects to the victims involved, their households and the society as a whole.

The government and justice institutions concerned should therefore be more aggressive in developing and implementing policies to curb the violence against women. Causes of Domestic Violence. Domestic violence can result due to one of the following factors although in many cases it occurs as a combination of several factors. Financial constraints – domestic violence may result due to pressure that that is exerted on one partner to provide for the household. This occurs due to stress of not being able to meet all the demands and a feeling that one is not being understood.

Carter, J. (2002) found that women in low income households experience a higher rate of violence than household with higher incomes. Similarly women who have no job skills are likely to encounter domestic violence since they are likely to rely on their partner for everything thus increasing both their vulnerability as well as likelihood of being despised. Women are also prone to domestic violence when they have no finances to look for a job and the partner is against it due to the traditional belief that they place of a woman is in the home.

This greatly affects women and makes them to bear whatever comes their way including physical abuse. The violence against women is also caused because of their gender. The fact that the man is the head and women the weaker sex gives them control over women. The gender prejudice that women are the ones to keep peace in the household also keeps women at a disadvantage. This makes women to believe that they are supposed to bear the violence so as to keep the family together. In some cultures, women are also viewed as inferior to men.

Women are not even supposed to speak before men putting them at a more inferior position (Browne, A. 1993). This makes them to take whatever comes from men and thus more prone to domestic violence. The tradition that women should be submissive to men in whatever situation should thus be done away with because it discriminates against women. The lack of relevant information concerning women and domestic violence is another factor that leads to wide spread of violence against women. Women are uninformed on what to do or where to go and seek legal advice in case of violence.

Women should therefore be advised on the action to take and where to go for their safety if domestic violence strikes. A significant number of men abuse their position as head of the family, and tend to want to make all the decisions and including the rules in the family. This occurs especially with men who feel inadequate and thus want to make their partners belief that they are in control by being violent (Adams, D. 1998). They force their partners to take whatever they say as a rule without a word and they will do anything to make sure that their partners obey.

This really undermines women since they are not even allowed to make small choices about themselves and also about their children. They thus become robots in the household. The use of drugs also contributes to violence against women. This occurs when the spouse abuses a certain drug or is an alcoholic and becomes violent whenever under the influence of these drugs. Consequences of Domestic Violence Domestic violence affects the whole household including the children and can lead to grievous consequences.

Violence against women by their spouse has in several instances resulted in death especially women being killed by their spouses. The women who experience domestic violence are also known to have attempted murder on several occasions. Women are adversely affected when pregnant. Domestic violence during pregnancy may lead to premature birth or birth of unhealthy child due to stress. It may also lead to death in an extreme case. Violence against women may also lead to body damages leading to hospitalization of the victim. The effect of this body harm may lead to adverse condition and even disability.

There is also the cost associated with seeking medical care due to violence. This is usually very high and the families involved especially from poor families may not be able to pay. In most cases the victims of domestic violence (women) are forbidden from seeking justice by their partner through threats. They may be threatened with death or worse still the partner may deny the allegations. The psychological damage as a result of living under constant threat of violence is perhaps the most potent harm to the victims. Materials available for women Bachman, R. and L.

E Saltzman (1999) found that women when fully equipped with important information available will be able to fight domestic violence better. There are legal provisions that a woman can resort to when domestic violence occurs. Some court orders prohibits the partner from being seen near the victim involved and thus gives the women time to heal and recover and thus regain their lost dignity and composure. Online materials are also readily available world over. In the United States there is the office on violence against women which deals with cases of violence against women.

CAFCASS which is a center that deals with interest of children involved in family proceedings. CAFCASS has been criticized for leaning in favor of women. There is also the women’s group which deals with the grievances of women. Counseling and health centers also advices on what to do. Also there are local centers where the women can take refuge in case of violence if they have no where to go. Concerted efforts should be made by the government, religious leaders, pressure groups and members of the civil society to ensure that incidences of domestic violence especially violence directed towards women is on the decline.

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