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Violence for Social Control

Approach towards violence for social control is correlated to age, it is observed that older peoples highly prefer the violence for social control, by the term violence for social control we mean” the mission who is implement for plateful countries ragged by divergence generate circumstances for sustainable tranquility”. It is also observed that in small villages or cities there is less attention toward Violence for social control as compare to large cities this difference toward attitude in violence may be related to race and religions factors.

The case in point of Violence for social control is attack of Israel on Lebanon at a time they are generating aggression in Lebanon but it is for remove of intimidation from their country. Another example could be taken as war of America on Afghanistan and Iraq, these actions were performed to save world from terrorism. (Lee Rainwater, Social problem and public policy, 1963) Violence for Social Change:

Manner in the direction of brutality for social change is also associated to age, violence for social is interlinked with problems of property or it is more correlated to lower income and occasionally it is related with race, it is the surveillance that young person who have subordinate income mostly outlook for violence for social change as they consider this violence required there for producing change.

The example which promotes the violence for social change can be seen in American Courts, In American Courts 79 % of rich men are delicacy better than poor, similarly 40% of white peoples are indulgenced better than black men, this difference is because of ethnic and financial status therefore people accept the truth that violence is compulsory for social change. (Lee Rainwater, Social problem and public policy, 1963) Distinction between two forms of violence:

The peculiarity between two form of violence is very straightforward and can be seen in their definitions, Violence for Social control is promoted in order to eradicate terrorism from the specific city or country, while on other hand violence for social change is demanded on the place where peoples are being extravagance in a different way on the basis of their pecuniary status or race, violence for social change is also requested mostly by youngsters who have lower income mostly, the purpose of this violence is to remove preference over financial status or racism.

. (Lee Rainwater, Social problem and public policy, 1963) The respective claims of the Palestinians and the Israelis to the territories Israel now encompasses:

The best approach to look at the divergence between the Israel and Palestine is the rights of their personage independence and the right to their self fortitude, from previous years they have been fighting for their separate individuality but it is the time when Palestine decides to do compromise with Israel in stipulations of combined rights of ethnic and religious group and solicit Israelis to leave territory and informed to the Israelis that Palestinians has formulate their psyche to accept the Israelis if it move back to its June 4, 1967 border and they are ready to accept the right of their return, while on other hand Israelis have rejected to give territory and they wanted to become majority Arab State by their own thrash about and uphill struggle So time will decide what will be the result of this war. (Anonymous, Voices for Israel Palestine Confederation, April, 2007)


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