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Violence in America

Violence means to exert ones force in order to cause damage or to create exploitation. People have different perceptions when they talk about the word ‘violence. ’ It can be referred to any kind of devastation caused by any kind of natural occurrences such as earthquakes and storms, etc. Other than this, it also refers to any kind of harm intentional caused to the people and this may be done by verbal and emotional abuse towards others. War is another factor that creates violence and this is usually between two different states.

This comes under large scale violence that is organized before hand. To control this violence, the rule of law is used. Under the study of psychology and sociology, violence in attitudes and behavior of the people are some of the causes. Other than these, there are many reasons also that have been causing violent behavior that has been occurring in the United States. It has been many time that violent behavior at schools in the United States have been noticed. What actually happens is that a student just walks up to the school with a gun and starts firing at the other students.

This kind of behavior is noticed mainly because of the internal grudges that any such students might have or something that has badly hurt the student that compelled him to do something violent. One such example that can be quoted is of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. where two students killed at least 15 other students. Schools are supposed to be safe places where the parents can send their children to study but now many such cases have been heard in the United States that has given way to fear in the minds of the parents regarding the safety of their kids.

The kids who fall in the age of 12 to 18 years are more likely to do adopt such kind of violent activities when they are away from school than being at school. It has further been said that in a year, at least 1 school experiences such crimes that can also be termed as random gun violence. Such kind of violent crimes should be taken into consideration not just by the government authorities and the law makers but also by the national citizens. This happens because the police force does not place strong controls on the access to guns and schools are not taking safety measures in order to prevent such mishaps.

Schools do not have zero-tolerance policies on bringing weapons and proper guards for campuses. Another cause is that young people who are frustrated due to any reason and feel angry or hurt because of being rejected are not being helped with their problems. Homes and the schools are two major places where such kind of attitudes develops because of which they take such violent actions that harm not only them but the society as well. In the end I would conclude by saying that we have to commit ourselves, understand the causes of violence and then work out to do something about them.

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